[Video] And WE get called Redneck Racers?

Came across this video on my new favorite website, Onedirt.com and thought my fellow KAM Kartway Dirt Racers would enjoy it!

[youtube url=\”[youtube url=\”http://youtu.be/TMgpkZtA4Ag\” width=\”720\” height=\”520\”]\” width=\”640\”]

Cracked me up and after I watched it I visited their website only to get a few more chuckles.  The video is footage of a class of 100cc during their first Heat of the Gold Cup at Angas Dirt Club … AND THEY ARE GOING IN REVERSE!  But you have to watch it all to see how crazy it gets. The drivers are not even at the half way mark and they are covered in dirt (mud).  No, I mean they are COVERED.  To the point where I believe they must be racing by sound (like in the sound of a spotter\’s voice in and earpiece or the echo of the kart in front of them. Seriously, I have never seen anything like.  My husband Mike raced 100cc open karts like these when he fist started racing at NTK back in the \’91.  It was a sprint type course too, but it was asphalt and they ran the right way.

Their website said this track has the \”Best track surface in South Australia.\” I thought for sure Mike would find that outrageous because he spends so much time prepping our track for race day, but instead he thought it was \”Awesome\” and immediately started brainstorming out loud as to how he could make something like that work here at KAM.   Don\’t worry fellow Pit Moms, I shut him down real fast and sent him to the store to distract him.



By the way,  do they not have technology Down Under?  Except for the top guy not having side pods, those two karts look like the same model, make, and year.


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