#tbt at KAM Kartway

Happy Throwback Thursday #KAMfam [do we still do that?]

Well regardless, it reminded me of another project that I was \”contemplating\” having done which was to make the \”10\” [ or \”X\” ] in the 2014  Anniversary Logo out of the KAM driver’s names, past and current.  But since I have crashed 2 computers within the past 9 years that may be near impossible.  But just looking back at the history of KAM Kartway as I made an attempt to gather/remember all our drivers names I found several old Newsletters,  Press Releases, flyers and pictures.  It really makes me grateful for all the people ~not to mention our #KAMkids ~ that have been in our lives and touched my heart.  Many of which have become dear friends still to this day.  (that\’s where \”KAM Fam\” came from…)

So many awesome memories!

If you have a special memory or story, old pictures or a video that you would like to share, [highlight]PLEASE[/highlight]  [highlight]PLEASE[/highlight]  [highlight]PLEASE[/highlight]   LET ME KNOW!!!

I would love to have some of you contribute to the site AND/OR write an article for the actual 2014 Souvenir Race Program that is also in the works.




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