2013 Awards Banquet Information Coming Soon!

The KAM Kartway Awards Banquet Is Coming Soon

Thanks to some awesome parents for pitching in and putting the final touches on the \”when & where\” it looks like a date will be set soon and the details made available by the end of the week. As Co-Promoter and back-office admin for a race track, this is actually MY busiest time of the race season! In addition to all the year-end business duties, rebuilding a website from scratch has kicked my butt…..I\’m just saying!   This is also the time to research and survey what the industry is doing and what changes are planned for the coming year. **What? You thought Mike did all that…. haha.

If you glance around on the website and see a menu tab or label for \”Coming soon\” items you will get a hint of some projects in the works. There is still a lot to wrap up and projects that haven\’t even been started yet.  So the Awards Banquet being taken off my plate really helps! I guess no one liked the suggestions I posted on Facebook, huh?   Hey Pot Luck at KAM sounds great to me! KAM not only has the best Drivers in Texas, we have the best cooks too.

Okay, so in addition to the details of the Awards Banquet being announced I will take that time to also introduce a Committee program that has been in the brainstorming stages for quite a while now. The purpose is to insure that vital details and opportunities are not missed for the continued success of all the KAM Kartway Drivers, while at the same time not losing focus on our initial vision of “growing karting” as a Family Sport. [frame]We have some very dedicated and talent #KAMFam out there and I need you! [/frame] Oh, and if you don’t think I\’m serious just look at this \”Dashing thru the Dirt\” graphic I just got back from the artist I hired: \"Dashingthruthedirt-img\" [highlight]And this was after 3 revisions…. yea, let\’s put this on a T-Shirt![/highlight]


For over 9 years Burris Racing Tires is the Official Awards Banquet Sponsor for KAM Kartway.  Thank you Burris Racing!

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