Micro Sprints and Adult Animal/RWYB Classes added to the 2014 Race Schedule


Additions have been made to the 2014 Bridgeport Road Construction Race of Champions Series schedule. 

The Schedule page has been updated and you can download a copy of the KAM Points Schedule 2014 to be displayed in a prominent place on your refrigerator here and a copy has been added to the Forms page as well.

We welcome back the Restricted Micro Sprint Class, RWYB and the Adult Animal Classes for limited appearances throughout the 2014 BRC Race of Champions Series and beyond. The Adult Animal and RWYB classes will debut next week, April 19, 2014 at our Autism Awareness Puzzle Power Race while the Micro’s eagerly anticipated special guest class date premieres on May 17th.


These dates have been made possible and sponsored in part by MB Motorsports and K&K Race Services. Please share this news with fellow racers on Facebook, Twitter and your favorite racing forums.\"K&K


Speaking of Sponsors ~ and as racers you know we couldn’t do this without them ~ we’d like to welcome back Splash Haven Pools and The Oil Medics as Class Sponsors in addition to a new Sponsor for the Animal Class MWRS (Mid-Winter Race Series).

\"THeThe Oil Medics will be the Class Title Sponsor for the Pure Stock class.  Please go and \”Like\” thier Facebook page and while you\’re there, say thanks for helping the kids!  Bill and The Oil Medics are long time supporters of racing and young racers in our community!

\"SplashSplash Haven Pools will take the honors of Title Class Sponsor for the 3.5 HP Class. Again show your support and stop by their Facebook page to say hi and thanks for supporting KAM Kartway and the KAM Racers. This would be a good time to talk about getting a pool that\’s for sure!

\"CountryFinal thanks to Country Time Vapor for taking the track favorites as Class Title Sponsor ~ Clone ~ or as I like to call them \”My Clone Boys\”.  You can follow Country Time Vapor on their Facebook page as well.
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