New Sportsmanship Award program at KAM honors its first recipient


Today it seems like everyone is always so focused on the rules, points whether or not there is a drop and how big are the trophies going to be this year. Let\’s talk about the truest most basic fundamental elements of being a Champion.

It’s Sportsmanship.

KAM Kartway\’s goal is to encourage integrity and good sportsmanship in addition to driving skill and talent.  We have long held this value before becoming motorsports business owners and carried it right along with us into KAM Karting Supply and KAM Kartway.  Our Annual Sportsman of the Year Award is regarded with high value and respect, especially since it is the KAM Family of drivers, crew, owners and fans who nominate and vote for the winner.

We want to focus on the positive right off the bat this season so drivers, crew, fans & family who are nominated will be randomly selected for this special award to. The requirement is simple: Sportsmanship character trait that stands out in the crowd. This is the most important \”skill\” a driver can have and this character trait that has been knows to make or break motorsports careers. Our first recipient beat me to the punch on the announcement and I just thought it would be more fun to announce this program with an actual winner and as fate would have The stand out Sportsmanship quality we look for in our KAM drivers stood out.  Since his mom posted it on Facebook I decided to consider it a nomination – so here is our first winner…

Ryan Begando the #09 in Pure Stock. 

Click on the image below to read the caption to her Facebook post with the picture below and you will see why Ryan\’s stand out Champion:


Being in a sport you love is of course about winning.  You don\’t, after all buy a $6,000 kart, motor and safety gear to loose.  But the overall true winner and the one that is the definition of Competitor is the one that shows Sportsmanship.  This shows respect for his sport, his fellow competitors, crew and officials and is part of everything they do to give it get to the winner\’s circle.  That winner\’s circle means a lot more too when it\’s achieved by Sportsmanship qualities and practices.

Good Sportsmanship and Good Competition are one in the same.  Wins alone will not get you accepted into a driver development program and sponsors want this too.  In fact almost all Marketing Partnership agreements require this trait be honored right in the contract.  After all,  you represent their brand.  But more importantly right now in your career – you are building yours.

I know winning is fun!

I also know that 2nd place is NOT the first looser.

Help me celebrate the awesomeness we have here at KAM Kartway.  If you see or hear of one of our drivers ~ the BIG kids too, I love my Clone Boys! ~ then please nominate them for the Sportsmanship Award by sending me a Facebook message, post on the KAM Kartway FB wall or email me.

[testimonial author=\”Frank Hurt\” class=\”facebook\” designation=\”Fan & Uncle\” ]I love racing. I love even more than that. Is to watch my nephew Ryan Begando mix it up on the little bull ring in Rhone, Tx. I\’m for # 09 all the way. The Sly Fox! Gettem BOO!![/testimonial]



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