KAM Kartway kicks off 10th Race Season with a Birthday Bash


It\’s official!  KAM Kartway is 10 years old. 

We have so many people to thank for this milestone and it never would have happened if it were not for the best racing community in America….our KAM Fam.

The 2014 Season Opener was held on April 12, 2014 with a Birthday Bash complete with presents, cupcakes, birthday cake, party hats, blowers and a face painter.  (I had a piñata but in all the excitement forgot to bring it out.)

In addition to the huge KAM Family that has grown over these years, deep appreciation is given to Jimmy Dawn who has been the backbone of the operation since day one. Also to Robert Saye for generously giving his time and knowledge as our Technical Advisor since the very first race and to Vance Urbanosky with Sun Shield Windows for being a Track Sponsor from the beginning as well.  A fun note: Robert’s son Ben ran the first official points race at KAM Kartway when he was in the Beginner class giving him the record as the longest running KAM driver in our history.  Sadly for us, but very exciting for him, Ben will be moving on up to Sprint Cars this year and we wish him the very best success in his continued racing career.

As the dedicated racers move up and out of karts to further their racing careers, we start this 10th Season blessed with a strong racing community – and coincidently with 10 new Rookie drivers.  The commitment to our drivers, the race teams and extended racing family is stronger than ever.

To reinforce that commitment to grassroots racing and our customer, Mike and I reflected on our goals and revised our Mission and Values Statement to echo KAM’s growth, the growth of karting and our desire to provide a superior race program.  We feel specifically honored that so many families have chosen KAM Kartway as the Youth Racing option to foster their children’s dream of a racing career.  This is a responsibility that we take seriously.

Since 2004 KAM Kartway and the “KAM Driver” have earned a high level of respect in the karting community. This success has been a community effort by hundreds of dedicated, loving and generous people, and we thank you for 10 amazing years!

~Mike & Kelley Engstrom

Our Mission
To act and learn to treat others with honor, dignity, and respect for improved sporting alliances and better relationships with family, friends and associates in addition to learning, teaching, and promoting the sport of karting with emphasis on safety, good sportsmanship and fun for the entire family.

Our Core Values
1) Honesty & Integrity ~ We strive to do the right thing while preserving the integrity of the sport.
2) Quality & Accountability ~ We are responsible for our actions.
3) Mutual Respect & Trust ~ We want actions and efforts to be kind in nature and true in fact.
4) Pursuit of Excellence ~ We expect the best from ourselves and our race community.
5) Innovation ~ We find creative, new ways to delight our Racers, Teams, Sponsors and Spectators.
6) Community ~ We value a fostered Christian Fellowship with our Race community.

Our Goals
>Learning to Improve
>Improvement leads to Teaching
>Family Fun supports Safety and Sportsmanship
>Christian Fellowship and building Lifelong Friendships

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