10 Reasons to Partner with KAM Kartway and be a 2015 Sponsor



Sponsors are the Heartbeat of Motorsports


1.  Best ROI in Grassroots Motorsports\"Best

Whether your goal is to increase sales, give back to the community, broaden your brand awareness or do something fun & offer the perks to your staff, customers or clients – we\’ve got a program just right for you.  This is the ultimate target market for your business.  AND NO!  We won\’t just put a sign up for you and call it a day. Oh, heck No!  Your brand\’s exposure will be 24/7 all year long with a listing on our Sponsor page, custom blog posts about your company/brand, rotating logo insert with link in our monthly newsletter, name on trophies, links on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest) and live PA announcements during all race events (See #9 below for more perks).

2.  Kart racing is a TRUE FAMILY Centered Grassroots form of Racing and is the FASTEST Growing Motorsport in the USA.

Over 90% of today’s professional drivers come from karting and most of them in NASCAR have ties to dirt karting ~ think about the newest and hottest Rookie Driver Kyle Larson! And our KAM Drivers competed WITH him in the Tulsa Shootout just three years ago.  Just think,  you could be helping a future NASCAR superstar get their start!

3. According the National Kart News there are over 66,000 FAMILIES Working Together each weekend for their Race Team. \"2009_PierceRacingTeam-coCrewChiefs_Richie-and-Phillip\"

KAM Kartway is a leader in Dirt Track racing and has produced the most Track, Regional and National Champions than any other track in the US.   The Southern-Midwest region is the location of 44% of all karters and our reach goes out to all of them and beyond by reputation and talent.  We not only develop drivers we nurture family bonding.

4.  Motorsports Fans are the most LOYAL of any other Sport*

Fans demonstrate a 72% loyalty factor to sponsor\’s brands – virtually doubling that of the NFL (36%), NBA (38%) and MLB (38%). Recent statistics have shown that motorsports fans are affluent, educated, upscale, brand loyal consumers. Three out of four fans testify that they consciously purchase the products and services of businesses involved in motorsports. This is also the only sports brand that thrills fans and creates a powerful connection through traditional values they admire.

5.  Funding Youth Sports Development to Educate FUTURE Professional Race Car Drivers \"Youth

Karting is the Little League of NASCAR.  Drivers are viewed as true sports heroes and great role models, so it is no wonder that 95% of entry level Outlaw Dirt Racers have a desire to become a NASCAR driver when they grow up.  With kids as young as 4 and the average age of 12, the skill level and talent provided at this level is only matched by the thrill and exciting sports entertainment at the bigger tracks. Like we said in #2 above, it\’s estimated that 90% of all Professional Race Car Drivers got their start in karts.

6.  Driver Appearances at YOUR Location

Our driver appearances offers two unique and thrilling appeals:  Race cars and cute kids.  When you put those two things together then dress \’em up their fancy race suit and shiny helmet, you can\’t help but get noticed.  KAM drivers know the importance of marketing and being approachable, and they aim to impress and make your Brand Shine. Title Sponsors get 2 a year and Class Sponsors get 1 a year with their Partnership Agreements.

7.  Sponsors are the HEARTBEAT of Motorsports

Without corporate sponsorships in racing there would be no NASCAR, let alone grassroots racing.  Companies shell out $500,000 to $2 million (depending on venue) to attach their names to track level races, like Coke with the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe\’s Motor Speedway.   Title sponsorships range from $1,000 to $3,000 at KAM and we offer some of the same perks…..like venue signage, pit passes, Sponsor logo on event marketing materials and track website, and okay, we may not have the skybox suits but our grandstands get you up close and personal with the action. 

8.  KAM will add Fuel to your Advertising Dollars \"flaming

If you own a business, and you feel as if you\’ve been going around in circles looking for a way to promote it, stop spinning your wheels! Get on the fast track to success, and drive more traffic your way. Whatever your budget, we\’ll make sure your name gets around.  Don\’t have time for a Social Media campaign – LET US HELP!  We love Social Media and have the best presence on the web for our venue type and we guarantee to add Exposure, Likes, Follows and Comments to your company social media pages too.  Want a billboard on a State Highway but can\’t afford the high cost – we have a great alternative.  Our sign space isn\’t quite as large but its at eye level, on the back stretch of the race track and faces State Highway 114 (Texas Motor Speedway shares the same state highway frontage just 14 miles East of KAM.) We have TONS of drive by traffic everyday and your sign will be seen by both West & East bound traffic – unlike a standard billboard. PLUS don\’t forget about the race spectators & drivers on Race Day.

9.  We offer the BEST Perks you will get from any Race Track

Sure you get the standard logo with a link on our website\’s Sponsor page – but we don\’t stop there!  You are featured at least twice with a Sponsored Blog Post (you can write it or let us), a rotating slider image on the sidebar that is on ALL THE KAM KARTWAY PAGES!, continuous PA announcements during the races and mentions during the Drivers Meeting, a Banner on our Sponsor\’s Wall of Fame (NEW!), if you sponsor a race class the class is NAMED AFTER YOUR COMPANY, logo included on our annual Track T-Shirt, a rotating ad on our monthly Email Newsletter (we use Mail Chimp – they\’re great!), a special listing on our Pinterest page for sponsors, Tweets Galore (that also post to our KAM Website sidebar), and all the Facebook mentions you could ever dream of – YES! We will be PROMOTING YOUR COMPANY with VIGOR.  And these are to name just a few! I mean it – this is only a minute portion of what we can offer you.  Email me today or download our PDF Brochure for a copy of our extensive sponsorships available at KAM Kartway.

10. FREE Tickets to the Races AND a Free T-Shirt \"Free

Okay so that\’s a \”perk\” too ~ but hey, it deserves a reason on its own ~  FREE TICKETS!  FREE T-SHIRT!! We also have FREE tickets to our Annual Awards Banquet for all of our Sponsors as well as you will get a reserved booth at our end-of-year KAM Karter\’s Day (Swap Meet, Clinics & Workshops and our Annual Meeting – a big turn out).





So if all of this sounds great and you would like to discuss a Marketing Partnership with KAM, please call me (Kelley) toll free at 1-844-4 OUTLAW (844-468-8529), or text me at 817-300-5645, or shoot me an email to kelley@kamkartway.com


Let\’s Talk! I look forward to seeing you at the races.


You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter (@kamkartway), Pinterest, Instagram, or on our new Google+ Page


Some sources:  * How NASCAR Builds Most The Most Loyal Fans [Fastcompany.com]  ~ Worlds Greatest Fans [Roush Fenway] ~ Motorsports Marketing [Slide Share] ~ Motorsports Solutions






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