A New Scoring System is headed to KAM Kartway thanks to our supporters!

KAM Kartway will have a new Scoring System for next season thanks to our Sponsors and Race Families!

A few months back, Bill with The Oil Medics gave me a challenge with an offer too good to pass up.  If I could raise $2,000 by the end of the season he would match that amount so that we could purchase an automated transponder scoring system for KAM Kartway.  I\’m not that great at asking for money, especially since we all have tight budgets in this economy, but since no one wants to help me manually score the drivers on race day it forced my hand a little, and I asked.  Thanks to several generous donations, we were able to raise the $2,000!



I know our racers spend a lot of money on their sport, and that\’s why it\’s especially hard for me ask for fundraising help from you,  And contrary to popular belief – the Karting business is just not a profitable business at our level – on the racing end.  Our profit margin is pretty low (the manufacturer makes all the money), sales are down and our overhead is very high between the shop and the track. It\’s been a struggle to keep the racing going at KAM over the past several years. It\’s been a common scenario in the industry for many years now,  and a high number racing facilities have been forced to close their doors.   Our Sponsors, advertisers, and supporters are the reason we are still able to race on Saturday nights with the best Outlaw Dirt Kart Drivers in the country.  They mean everything to us!  Our KAM Family means so much to us as well, and our youth racing program is our pride and joy.  We love your kids and they make everything worth the effort in the end.  Our racers give us great joy in life.

I\’d like to give some shout-outs for those who made donations.  PLEASE!!!! If you gave a cash donation and I don\’t mention you, please email me so I can add you to the list. I feel like I\’m forgetting someone who handed me cash at the registration window and I forgot to write their name down.  Please forgive me!

  • Bill with The Oil Medics – $2,000
  • Shawn Mininger – $200
  • Mark Zakowiski – $50
  • Team Rogers (Ed & David combined) – $200
  • Scott Key – $100
  • Robert McCutcheon – $500
  • Craig & Yolanda with CR Pics – $50
  • Vance Urbanosky – $300

There was an anonymous cash donation of $100 and Mike and I budgeted to put in $500.  So Yea Team KAM!  Now I just need a laptop for the score stand.  Any suggestions?

Okay, so now who wants to read the 500 page manual that comes with this system and help me learn how to use it? 








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