2014 Series Awards Banquet information ~Help Needed~


Thank you for another amazing race series at KAM Kartway!

The race series is over and now it\’s time to celebrate all the amazing accomplishments and party with our fellow race teams.  While things are winding down for most, this is actually my busiest time of the race year and  I need help to make sure our Awards Banquet goes off without a hitch and is a super fun event for your kids. 

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Bottom line – here’s what I need help with:

  • Please bring a pot luck dish & extra chairs.  This is how we are able to not charge banquet ticket prices that other race tracks charge, and the pot lucks have always been a hit in the past.
  • Someone to be in charge of the food.  It\’s pot luck so everyone needs to bring a dish, but if I could have someone be in charge of setting up the food area/tables and arranging food, paper goods, drinks (oh, crap we need drinks too).
  • Several party set-up/decorating helpers. If you could show up between noon and 2pm on Saturday to set out/up decorations (lights, graveyard, Halloween blow-up thingies, and other scary things that we have up in storage to make it a festive party mood that would be a BIG HELP!  Mallory Pierce has already said she\’d be out early to help decorate – so we can just make it a pre-party party kind of good time. 🙂
  • Party Coordinator to oversee things while I\’m doing race registration and scoring.  Since we are also have a race at this event, I will be busy and just need someone to be the go-to person when people bring their food dishes, door prize items, as well as keeping kids from climbing in the coffins (yes, we have coffin props too) – basically I need a Person In Charge.  
  • Donations solicitor. I suck at this, but I know some of you are great at getting local business to donate prizes for events like this.  I sent out about 50 emails last month asking for donations and did not get one reply back. Ugh.
  • Bonfire Engineer.  I\’ve had a lot of requests for a Bonfire and while we have no problem with that, we will need someone to be in charge of it. Since alcohol will be permitted after the races (I mean what\’s a banquet and bonfire without a cold beer), I need this person to make sure no crazy antics are going on near the open flames.


For all the details about the race/banquet with times and prices see our Facebook events page here.  If you can help please, PLEASE let me know today.  You can text/call me at 817-300-5645, Facebook message me or fill out this form. 

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ps:  I really do appreciate my race teams – it\’s YOU that make KAM what it is.  And for the record – it sucks not having my teenage girls around anymore to make them help me.  🙂

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