Rules for 2015: Any changes you\’ve been wanting us to consider?


We are looking at our Rule Book for 2015 changes…..

do you have any suggestions, input, or comments?

We are going to open the floor to your input for the next month or two as we comb through our rule book for any needed changes for the 2015 Points Series.  So if you  have any ideas, thoughts, comments or even questions – please send them to us


If your rule suggestion is valid, unselfish and/or helpful – we will take serious consideration in implementing it into the rule book for 2015.  Please don\’t send me \”Reduce the number of classes in the race program\” OR \”Make the pit spots bigger\” [because we can\’t] – or something inconsequential like that.  We want your valid input, but remember – we have to be fair and representative to all parties concerned. 

If you do have something that you would like to submit, please do it soon!  We spend countless hours on this material every time we do rule revisions/modifications and the more time we have to consider (research the outcome/legality/etc.) the better for everyone.  

Email Kelley at or fill out the form below. (NOTE: Please don\’t \”tell Mike\” or it may never get on the \’agenda\’ – lol – put it in writing, by email or use this form below.)

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Here are some suggestions/ideas that we\’ve already received that we are looking into:

  1.  Add a Jr Clone Class (been looking into this one for months – pretty sure we are going to do this)
  2.  Omitting the \”Drop\” for the points series (ie: No Drops)
  3.  Changing the Points System (ie: adding # of karts to the number of total points)
  4.  Mandatory Tech if you win 3 races in a row in same class
  5.  Only award Top 5 Championship Trophies for each class that has 5 to 10 registered karts, more for bigger classes (to keep the integrity of \”Championship\” in the \”CHAMPIONSHIP Cups\”/Awards)
  6.  Make Hot Wheels a NON-Competitive class (ie: true learning class for beginners & all drivers get 1st Place awards [Medals])

 What do you think?  Join the Conversation!!  Click here for a pdf version of the KAM Kartway Rules or go to the Rules pages to review what we currently have in place.


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