The Beginners Guide to Getting Sponsors


In my 20 years of karting I have learned a thing or two about being as Sponsor and taking care of Sponsors.  I\’ve also learned a lot of those lessons the hard way – yep, good old fashioned \”live and learn\”.  So I wanted to put together a workshop (and future webinars) for my KAM Parents on how to get sponsors using what I\’ve learned over 2 decades in the hopes that it would save you a lot of time and grief.  Although I am still in the research, planning and presentation design phase I have come across so much great material that I thought I\’d share some of it with you early.

As a sneak peek to my workshop, here is a list of 5 resources to get you started:

  • Scott at did a great series on Sponsor Tips that I like. His tips go along with what I\’ve learned over the years and more recently in my research for doing an instructional workshop for my KAM Parents.  Here is his thoughts on Giving Back to Sponsors. >>Read More
  • Here is another article that I found.  It is very basic, but should be just right for beginner parents who have no experience in soliciting for Marketing Partners for their Race Team.  >>Read More
  • Although this next one is from another country, the lessons learned in this blog post shows that getting sponsors is pretty much the same across the pond as it is your neck of the woods.  >>Read More
  • If you are new to my blog then go back in the Archives as I\’ve posted articles about companies that offer sponsorship opportunities – most of these are annual… so if  you\’ve missed the dates this go round, be sure to mark your calendar for the next enrollment period.  The most recent is Champion\’s Search for A Champion contest, which has been ongoing now for about 4 years. >>Read More 
  • Simpson Racing Products also does an annual \”Driver Support\” program as does NASCAR via their Drive 4 Diversity Program which is managed through Rev Racing. 

    Save the date for Feb 15th for my first FREE marketing workshop: \”Must Have Tools for Getting Team Sponsors\”. 


I will be using the D4D program as an example a lot in my webinar as this is one area were I learned a lot – my by mistakes.  So don\’t let my mistakes be your mistakes!  Attend my FREE Workshop on Feb 15h.  More details will follow on Facebook, Twitter and via your email (if you are signed up for our KAM Newsletter….if not go here now and sign up – It\’s FREE too!).

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Sponsors or Marketing Partners (really the same thing) then fill out this form and send them in.  I will follow up with you shortly.

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