Three KAM Rookies pick up 1st Time Career Wins at KAM Kartway on June 6, 2015


With two Hot Wheels drivers moving up in class to the 3.5 HP Class brought the entry number to a full field of 8, so the class was split for the Heats with 4 drivers running in each group.   These young guns were on fire.  First time 3.5 HP division contender Zoe Mininiger caught everyone\’s attention by staying on the lead lap all the way until the white flag in her first heat.  Impressive to say the least as she had been running Hot Wheels as a lone competitor and was placed in the same group as the class Champion Noah Rowland and current points leader Meric Winnett. In this same heat race, Rookie Kameron Brimmer powered his #3K from 4th to lap leader,  passing Meric at the half way point straight on to his first Career Win. That finish combined with his first 2nd place finish in the first heat gained him the Pole Position for the Feature where both groups of 4 were combined into a field of 8 for the Feature.  Brimmer maintained an unbeatable lead for 11 laps, but lost it on the final lap spinning out in turn #2.  That upset gave way for Rowland to battle his way through some traffic for the lead and onto the checkered flag, doing so from a starting position of 7th. 

The other first time winners were Kaitlyn Vann and Melia Winnett who both went green to checker as the race leaders with one doing in the first heat and other in the second heat.  So proud of these girls for such a great accomplishment.

The Pure Stock Class also had a 8 racers in the hunt with Case Penrod in the #23 winning the first heat going flag to flag as the leader, and the #2m of Shawn Marquez taking the honors in the second heat where he came from a 6th place starting position which secured him spot on the Pole for the Feature race.  Marquez went on to lead all 20 laps of race for the win with Wyatt Richeson in the #73 making a last lap pass for 2nd Place.  Jonathan McCutcheon #99m rounded out the podium for 3rd place.

We added a new driver to the Challenge Accepted Motorsports Gold Plate Class with addition of Cole Penrod making his debut in the #11 bringing that class total to 5 with Mitchell Mobley leading all 20 laps to a victory in the Feature.  Michael Buck in the \”Racin for Racks\” #02 hard charged his way to a 2nd place finish after having to restart the race at the rear after a 7th lap battling Shawn Marquez (#3) for the position for the final 5 laps.  With a couple of Jr 2 Clone drivers taking the night off, lone racer Kenzie Marquez ran her #00m with the Gold Plate class.

There were 6 karts in the Animal Class sponsored by Kwik Kar owned by David Contente, long time KAM Crew Chief and kart owner of the #17N.  Current class points leader Katelynn Dixon, #11 won both the heats and was on her way to a Clean Sweep leading the first 12 laps of the Feature when contact was made in a battle for position with the #1M Shane Marquez and she was unable to recover, bringing out the caution.  Shane lead the remainder of the race after the restart for the victory.  Austin Moore (#88) placed 2nd and Katelynn worked her way from the rear to secure 3rd place hardware and a podium finish.

The Outlaw 250 and Open Outlaw classes were full 8 entries in each and both giving a cash pay-out to the winners.  It appeared that Jett Hays in the #83 was on his way to a Clean Sweep until he brought out the caution in lap 12.  Current Points leader Pierce Urbanosky lead the restart and took it all the way home for the final 7 laps for the checkered flag and a $100 payout.   Branden Matthews returned to KAM after a short break had kept his eye on the price maintaining consistent lap times going from 4th place to a podium finish of 3rd at the end.  The Open Outlaw Class was a $150 to win and brought out top drivers from across the region.  Being the week before The Outlaw Kart Invitational I\’m sure these drivers wanted to get a jump on the competition and check out the track conditions.  But the 500\’s didn\’t have anything on the local hero in the end as Jett Hays drove his 250 Outlaw from dead last to victory lane once he secured the lead just before the half way point keeping all the fans on the edge of their seats.

Our Clone Boys showed up in force with some coming out of retirement, well it\’s maybe not retirement as they race RC cars now – but it was sure good to former KAM drivers Alan Yates (#0), Mike White (#31) and Mike Gracy (#65) rejoin the group for the night.  They brought the field to a total of 9 competitors.  Yates proved he was still at the top of his game as he dominated the first heat for the win, a 2nd place finish for the second heat and then again dominating the field for a green to checkered lead in the Feature.  Those RC Cars must be good practice for the real deal because Mike Gracy won the second heat after a first heat 2nd place and going on to place 2nd in the Feature.  Clone fan favorite, Perry Cummings rounded out the podium with 3rd from a 6th place starting grid position.  Wonder Clone boy, Shane Marquez finished a disappointing 7th place after his Crew Chief missed the setup and breaking his long winning streak.  What? That\’s what he told me!  But no worries, Shane is still the points leader as the youngest Adult Clone driver in the track\’s history.

 The Final Feature Results for June 6th are as follows:

3.5 HP Class
1 – Noah Rowland
2 – Meric Winnett
3 – Andrew McCutcheon
4 – Jacob Rameriz
5 – Melia Winnett
6 – Kameron Brimmer
7 – Richard Zimmerman
8 – Zoe Miniger
DNS – Kaitlynn Vann

Pure Stock
1 – Shawn Marquez
2 – Wyatt Richeson
3 – Jonathan McCutcheon
4 – Lucas Rameriz
5 – Nathan Cisco
6 – Case Penrod
7 – Dylan McCutcheon
8 – Landon Bellows

Jr 2 Clone
1 – Kenzie Marquez

Gold Plate
1 – Mitchell Mobley
2 – Michael Buck
3 – Shawn Marquez
4 – Wes Knox

1 – Shane Marquez
2 – Austin Moore
3 – Katelynn Dixon
4 – Connor Montgomery
5 – Sean Knox
5 – Jacob Bourland

Outlaw 250
1 – Pierce Urbanosky
2 – Collin Montgomery
3 – Branden Mathews
4 – Jett Hays
5 – Landon Ellis
6 – Kaitlynn Dixon
DNS – Cody Pound

Adult Clone
1 – Alan Yates
2 – Mike Gracy
3 – Perry Cummings
4 – Marc Velasquez
5 – Bob Rameriz
6 – Robert Rameriz
7 – Shane Marquez
8 – Matt Velasquez
DNS – Mike White & Brock Miller

Open Outlaws
1 – Jett Hays
2 – William Sutton
3 – Ross Taylor
4 – Casey Sartain
5 – Braydon Voight
DNS – Andrew Neff & Chad Hill

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Our next Points race will be on June20th with a Crew Chief Appreciation Night.

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