The Pole Shuffle Can Be A Real Game Changer!


The Pole Shuffle Explained

Numbers are based on total kart count/entries but for demonstration purposes and based on our estimate the number will be an 8 Kart Bracket.

 To Qualify for Pole Shuffle we use the Open Outlaw Qualifying Features (or long heats as they are 15 laps) from Friday will take the top 2 from each heat – we estimate there will be 4 groups/heats, thus giving us an 8 kart bracket (or line up) for the Pole Shuffle.

  1. Round #1 will be the 2 by 2 bracket style elimination with a top finisher vs a slower finisher.

Example:   Finisher #1 will go against finisher #8 – 1st Race

                    Finisher #2 will go against finisher #7 – 2nd Race

                   Finisher #3 will go against finisher #6 – 3rd Race

                   Finisher #4 will go against finisher #5 – 4th Race

  1. Round #2 will be another 2 by 2 elimination with the winners from Round #1 Races and be the same fashion with the Top Seed vs slow seed based on Qualifying Feature finish order.

Example: if finisher # 8 wins 1st race and finisher #7 wins second race, and finisher #3 wins 3rd with finisher #4 winning the 4th the bracket would look like this:

                   Finisher #8 vs finisher #3 for 5th Race, and

                   Finisher #7 vs finisher #4 for 6th Race

**The winners from Race #5 and #6 will then compete for the top prize – The Pole Position for the A Main

  1. The rest of the front 4 rows of the A Main grid line up will work backwards based on finish order to fill in the top 8 spots first using the shuffle winners followed by remaining karts based on their finish order from the Qualifying Feature. (ie: rows 3 & 4 will be filled with finishers #1, #2, #6 & #5 in that order using the above bracket race results/eliminations example)
  2. So the final grid would look like this, if say #8 won the 5th race and #4 won the 6th race with #8 winning the final race:










As you see the Pole Shuffle can really shake things up and be a total game changer. Based on this example the 8th place finisher in the Qualifying Feature ended up getting the Pole Position for the A Main event. Who wants to start laying bets now?

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