Race Results from 4-4-15

KAM\’s Season Opener was Egg-cellent


The highlight of the night might very well have been the Easter Egg Race or maybe the egg hunt at intermission.  But with all the great racing it could have been any one of the 8 different classes that ran last Saturday night at KAM Kartway with 40 total entries giving all the fans a great race program to watch.  \"Easter

The Hot Wheels class had 5 beginner drivers who all did terrific. New this year this class will be considered a non-compete class with all the participants getting the same award.  We want this to be a true \”learning-how-to-drive\” class and not a \”I-want-a-trophy\” class – thus taking the pressure of these little ones.  Brand new to driver to KAM and the Hot Wheels class is Jax White in the #1 kart and stayed on the lead lap the entire race of the feature.

There were 6 kart racers in our 3.5 HP class but luck wasn\’t on Rookie Kameron Brimmer\’s side as he broke while the field was under completed a full restart at lap 10.  This beginner class will be using the orange cone which is brand new to most of them as was apparent in 3 restart attempts for the group.  It was one of last year\’s class champions who won the Feature for the season\’s first race with Noah Rowland going flag to flag for the checker finish, and new driver Kole Weir taking second place.

Two drivers made up our new Jr 2 Outlaw Clone class with Kenzie Marquez piloting the #00M and new driver Austin Brownlee in the #A04 both of which won a heat and Kenzie taking the checker in the feature.

The Number #2M of Shawn Marquez took the lead from new driver Case Penrod in lap two and checked out with a half lap lead by lap 11 and kept that lead to lap 20 and the checkered flag at the finish line.  Nathan Cisco spun his #99 onto its side in heat number 2 and was a DNS in the feature but he did win the first heat.There were 7 karts in this class and the class was chosen for the first tech of the season with the top 3 being inspected by Robert Saye.  All three passed tech by the way which was a first for Rookies Penrod and Tatum Bell.

Another driver that held a half track lead by lap 11 was Mitchell Mobley in the #57 of the Gold Plate class who when flag to flag for his first win of the season.  Veteran Gold Plate driver Michael Buck with a new kart wrap for 2015 came in second while class rookie Megan Marquez took home 3rd. 

There was a great race fight for 3rd place in the Animal class between the #88 and #21 with new driver Austin Moore and Sean Knox respectively.  M-Factor Racing\’s Shane Marquez, who led all 20 laps did secure the victory with Rookie of the Year Katelynn Dixon coming in at 2nd place.  \"Shane

The only red flag came when Brandon Matthews hit hard as the Outlaw 250\’s where taking the green causing some kart damage and a rattled driver who did not finish the feature but reportedly is doing fine after his accident.  Class champion Pierce Urbanosky who pilots the #19 kart won the feature with Jett Hays and Cody Pound rounding out the top three.

There is no doubt there is a new Clone in town and possibly a new \”Fan Favorite\” with the the #8 in the Adult Clone class.  Driver Robert Ramirez, who is part of a family with three generations of racers at KAM Kartway, also went flag to flag for his first track victory of the season showing that Dad still has it baby!  Father/Son racers put on a fun show in the dueling #14 karts with dad (Jr.) beating son Ausin Phelps in his RWYB set up as he ran with the Clone class.  But it was Shane Marquez (yep from our Animal class) that everyone was talking about who expertly kept up with the adults and came in 2nd place in the feature.  All I can say is WOW!  What a driver.  \"Adult

Here are all the finishes:

Hot Wheels Participants

Melia Merric

Richard Zimmerman

Jax White

Zoe Mininger

Emily Marquez


3.5 HP Class

1st Place – Noah Rowland

2nd Place – Kole Wier

3rd Place – Meric Winnett

4th Place – Jacob Ramirez

5th Place – Kameron Brimmer

DNS – Kaithlynn Vann


Jr 2 Outlaw Clone

1st Place – Megan Marquez

2nd Place – Austin Brownlee


Pure Stock

1st Place – Shawn Marquez, Jr.

2nd Place – Case Penrod

3rd Place – Tatum Bell

4th Place – Landon Bellows

5th Place – Wyatt Richeson

6th Place – Lucas Ramirez

DNS – Nathan Cisco


Gold Plate

1st Place – Mitchell Mobley

2nd Place – Michael Buck

3rd Place – Megan Marquez

4th Place – Wes Knox



1st Place – Shane Marquez, Jr.

2nd Place – Katelynn Dixon

3rd Place – Austin Moore

4th Place – Sean Knox


Outlaw 250

1st Place – Pierce Urbanosky

2nd Place – Jett Hays

3rd Place – Cody Pound

4th Place – Branden Matthews

5th Place – Garron Brimmer


Adult Clone

1st Place – Robert Ramirez

2nd Place – Shane Marquez, Jr.

3rd Place – Marc Velasquez

4th Place – Austin Phelps

5th Place – Bob Ramirez


1st Place – Jr Phelps

DNS – Sunny Dillingham



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Thanks to our KAM Sponsors!!!  Without you we could not put on a race program for these great drivers!


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