Race Results from 3-28-15: Short Track Shootout


Thank you Horn Custom Homes for sponsoring the Shootout!!

Find your pictures here from the event from CR Pics.

Short Track Shootout race results:

3.5 HP Class

1st Place – Noah Rowland

2nd Place – Meric Winnett

3rd Place – Melia Winnett

4th Place – Kallie Jones

5th Place – Andrew McCutcheon

6th Place – Zoe Miniger

7th Place – Richard Zimmerman


Jr 1 Outlaw Clone

1st Place – Kenzie Marquez

2nd Place – Brayson Hand

3rd Place – Taylor Daniel


Jr 2 Outlaw Clone

1st Place – Austin Piper

2nd Place – Jax Redline

3rd Place – Megan Marquez

4th Place – Ryley Nelson

5th Place – Braxten Early

6th Place – Caysen Enger

7th Place – Austin Brownlee

8th Place – Garrett Gwinn


Gold Plate

1st Place – Brandon Dodds

2nd Place – Mitchell Mobley

3rd Place – Stephen Migura

4th Place – Dylan Mccutcheon

5th Place – Wes Knox

6th Place – Case Harris

7th Place – Alexis Crabb

8th Place – Michael Buck


Pure Stock

1st Place – Wyatt Richeson

2nd Place – Jonathan McCutcheon

3rd Place – Landon Bellows

4th Place – Tatum Bell

5th Place – Shawn Marquez

6th Place – Case Penrod



1st Place – Shane Marquez

2nd Place – Ayden Rogers

3rd Place – Connor Montgomery

4th Place – Sean Knox

5th Place – Katelynn Dixon

6th Place – Jacob Bourland


Outlaw 250

1st Place – Blake Carrick

2nd Place – Tanner Carrick

3rd Place – Jett Hays

4th Place – Pierce Urbanosky

5th Place – Cody Pound

6th Place – Collin Montgomery

7th Place – Branden Matthews

8th Place – Austin Harris

9th Place – Carson Horn

10th Place – Lane Ashley

11th Place – Cameron Migura

12th Place – Nick Lent

13th Place – Isiah Garcia

14th Place – Landon Ellis

15th Place – Dylan Breece


Outlaw 125

1st Place – Colby Horn

2nd Place – Justin Davis


Open Outlaw

1st Place – Jett Hays

2nd Place – Kade Taylor

3rd Place – Mike Rogers, Jr.

4th Place – Cade Holden

5th Place – Trevor McIntire

6th Place – Jaycer Hudson

7th Place – Tanner Carrick

8th Place – Brian Harris

8th Place – Wesley Engle

9th Place – Brayden Voight

10th Place – William Sutton

11th Place – Tyler Hrncirik

12th Place – Ryan Early

13th Place – Dillon Macias

14th Place – Lane Ashley

15th Place – Ross Taylor

16th Place – Keith Hutton

17th Place – Jerrod Huisenga

18th Place – Rusty Taylor

19th Place – Kenny Branum

20th Place – Chad Hill


21st Place – Korbin Hand

22nd Place – Cameron Migura

23th Place – Rod Shoun


Adult Clone

1st Place – Perry Cummings

2nd Place – Jamie Benke

3rd Place – Marc Velasquez

4th Place – Shane Redline

5th Place – Jeffrey Ashley

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