Race Results for February 7, 2015

Two New Kings were crowned at KAM Kartway last night.

Due to the previous race’s rain out we had a double feature with the King of the Hill series and featured the Gold Plate and Animal classes.

The Gold Plate King of the Hill went to Mitchell Mobley while the Animal honors were bestowed on Shane Marquez.


The weather couldn’t have been better even if we had put in a special order with the weather man personally for the day – with mid 70’s for a February race day and 35 entries all made for an awesome event.

The Hot Wheels class had many graduates but with several newcomers there does not seem to be any shrinkage as we had a full field of 8 karts with these little guys. The Brother and Sister race team of Meric & Melia Winnett showed they are going to be a competitive duo going forward so watch for the #21 & #22 this season – there is sure to be some good sibling rivalry going on. We also had 2 brand new Rookies join us who have strong ties to KAM –  Kameron Brimmer (yes he was named after KAM!!!) will be piloting the #3k while Emily Marquez (yes of the Marquez Racing Dynasty) has thrown her hat in and will be driving the #4m. Richard Zimmerman in the #5 continues to impress with his driver development and won his heat #1 and came in second in the Feature. Another Hot Wheels stand out to watch out for is the #05 Kallie Jones who won her heat #2 and came in third in the Feature – and this is only her second race!

There were no 3.5 HP karts this go around, but the Pure Stock class had 8 in the Feature with Tatum Bell both moving up to this class from Hot Wheels and changing his number from 6 to #8t. Tatum’s draw put him on pole for the second heat and he did amazing for his first time in an unassisted class as the pole setter.

There were even more changes in the Gold Plate class with Track Champion Zoie Pierce moving up from Pure Stock and also changing her number to #43 – likewise Dylan McCutcheon (#22D), Shawn Marquez (#2m), Megan Marquez (#3m) and Richard Walp (7w) also made their climb on the ladder to Gold Plate from Pure Stock.

In Animal we saw Ayden Rogers (#13) make his debut who got the #1 draw for first heat pole AND won the Pole Position for the Feature – AND took the checkered flag honors for his first Animal Feature Win. Not bad for an Animal Rookie. Shane Marquez took 2nd place from Cody Pound who held that spot for 7 laps. Cody then found himself in a battle for third with last year’s Rookie of the Year Katelyn Dixon – which ended in a collision in lap 16 sending both the class Champion and Dixon to the back on the orange cone re-start.

The Outlaws must be on collective break as we only had 3 in the Feature all being first year 250 drivers – Cody Pound (#21c), Brandon Mathews (#3) and Carson Horner (#45x), but it was a good show non-the-less with Mr. Mathews taking the checker flag win in the Feature. Cody Pound won both heats in Outlaw 250 class after leading a total of 19 combined laps for those credits.

Our Clone class welcomed back new driver (second time to KAM) Chuck Dunlap driving the #541 – who took first place honors in the Feature against fan favorites Perry Cummings (2nd Place) and Jamie Benke (3rd Place).

Following are the results of all the Feature Races at KAM Kartway:

Hot Wheels

1st Place – Meric Winnett

2nd Place – Richard Zimmerman

3rd Place – Melia Winnett

4th Place – Kallie Jones

5th Place – Kaitlyn Vann

6th Place – Emily Marquez

7th Place – Andrew McCutcheon

8th Place – Kameron Brimmer


Pure Stock

1st Place – Jonathan McCutcheon

2nd Place – Shawn Marquez

3rd Place – Tatum Bell

4th Place – Jeremy Walker

5th Place – Wyatt Richeson

6th Place – Nathan Cisco

7th Place – Landon Bellows


Jr 2 Outlaw

1st Place – Kenzie Marquez


Gold Plate

1st Place – Mitchell Mobley

2nd Place – Michael Buck

3rd Place – Dylan McCutcheon

4th Place – Megan Marquez

5th Place – Richard Walp

6th Place – Zoie Pierce (DNF)

7th Place – Shawn Marquez (DNF)

8th Place – Wes Knox (DNS)



1st Place – Ayden Rogers

2nd Place – Shane Marquez

3rd Place – Katelyn Dixon

4th Place – Sean Knox

5th Place – Cody Pound


Outlaw 250

1st Place – Brandon Matthews

2nd Place – Cody Pound

3rd Place – Carson Horner



1st Place – Chuck Dunlap

2nd Place – Perry Cummings

3rd Place – Jamie Benke

4th Place – Jeffery Ashley




KAM FAM Work Day, Test and Tune & Marketing Workshop is Feb 15th

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