FREE Workshop on Feb 14th: \”How to Market Your Driver\”

How to Market your Driver to reach your Goals and attain their Dreams

Blogs – \”yuck!\” ~ Websites – “I don’t know how” ~ Social Media Pages – “why bother?”

You’ve picked a sport where long-term success is not measured by the number of trophies or checkered flags you amass, but actually can largely rely on how good a job you do at marketing.  After all there are A LOT of good drivers out there – so what makes yours stand out from the rest?  Motorsports and Marketing go hand-in-hand.

So buckle down if you’re serious about getting your driver to their ultimate dream of a professional motorsports career. Kyle Larson’s parents started him off on the right track VERY early and they didn’t slack when it came to marketing him …. All the way to NASCAR.  I think Kyle Larson is a great role-model for our young drivers and his parents made a lot of very smart resolutions along their journey of developing him from the tender age of 7 when he started racing QRC Outlaw Karts until his big break a few years ago in NASCAR via the Drive 4 Diversity Development Program.


After all if a 7 year old kid from California who dreamed of NASCAR starting from the second grade can do it – so can any one of our KAM Kids. Why not?  Let me help you avoid the mistakes that I made and learn some valuable tips and tricks from ones that did help. I\’ve learned a lot by trial and error, from industry leaders and from other Pit Moms and Dads just like you.

I’ve been working on this workshop idea for over a year now and I feel that it has a lot to offer to get you, the “Team Parent”, on the right foot to better your chances in this highly competitive sport where only a few make it all the way to the top. And for some, Sprint Cars is the TOP! There’s something pretty cool about a sport where Tony Stewart does it for his “Love of the sport” while NASCAR is for his “paycheck”. NASCAR Team owner and former race car driver Ray Evernham was quoted as saying; \”The (Sprint Car) 410s are, to me, the most incredible race car you can drive.\”

If what I described is part of your design, then you are no longer just a “Team Parent”.  At this early stage (karting) of your motorsports career and Race Team building, you will be wearing many different hats. One of the most important hats is that of “Marketer”. It may seem a little big at first, but I promise you that you can and will grow into it. It will become your best accessory… to your Blinged out “Racer Mom” t-shirt or “#1 Crew Chief” baseball cap.

Now, if on the other hand, you are just looking for someone to foot the bill for your “current hobby” with no specific plan for a long-term motorsports career, then this workshop may not be for you. Don’t get me wrong – karting is a great family sport in and of itself – and a career in Motorsports may not be your end-goal….that’s okay.  In fact the tips and tools I will share can also be a great scrapbook keepsake to look back on all the great memories – so come anyway. But I don’t want to get your hopes up on this being the magic trick for getting a sponsor. It takes a lot more these days to get and keep racing sponsors than in years past when the flashiest website or slide show presentation did the trick.

There is so much competition out there for every Sponsorship dollar and worthy spot in a Driver Development program with these racers starting at grade school level in the sport – heck some are barely even potty trained before they start!  Even if you don\’t attend this Workshop, I encourage you to search the internet for tools and resources to help your team out.

Not only do I have the racing parent\’s perspective and experience I also have the Sponsor background too. Since starting KAM 20 years ago we have sponsored everything from local race classes at NTK to two National Racing Series (Rotax & KART) and everything in between.  So I\’ve worked the angle on both sides of the coin and Marketing was key all the way around. I will give you the tools that I’ve learned & researched, but you have to do the work.

The agenda will highlight: Planning, Implementation, Content Strategy and Team Management with a section of Sponsorship tips. Attendees will also get some great \”Cheat Sheets\”, custom forms to keep and use, and a copy of my exclusive Excel Workbook for record keeping that I\’ve developed over the years. 

Since the day is also a KAM Work Day and Test and Tune Practice day, the Pit Dads can be on the track with Jr while the Pit Moms gather in the shop for this workshop.  (Dads – you are also invited!)  Space is limited so please, if you don’t mind, send me a message that you plan to attend so I can make sure I have enough seating.  You can email me at, text me at 817-300-5645 or fill out the form below.

The date for this Workshop is this Saturday, Feb 14th and starts at 1:00pm.  Gates open at noon for Work Day followed by Test and Tune Practice which is free if you volunteer to work at least 2 hours or $25.00 per kart otherwise.

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