Payton Pierce\’s KAM story: In his own words


I was cleaning up files on my computer as the 2015 Season ended and getting files ready for next season and as I was moving documents from one area to another I came across this one from Payton Pierce.  I don\’t think that I ever published it (I searched and only found this testimony from him on the website Click Here).

The original date is 12-22-13.  Here is what he sent me:

\”Kart racing started, for me, when I was eleven and went to Kam Kartway to watch a race with a friend. Within just a few short months I had my first Kart and was ready to start racing with the best in the Stock Animal class at Kam Kartway in the spring of 2008. Little did I know the competition was stiffer than I had expected. In my first year at Kam Kartway I didn’t win a single race and was beginning to get discouraged thinking maybe this isn’t for me, but I kept striving to chase my dream of being the best and when the spring of 2009 rolled around I picked up my first A main win in my racing career at Kam Kartway. It felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I knew I could compete and win with the best, and after that I went to win over half of my races that year in animal, along with a track championship and Best overall Jr. driver at Kam, and the biggest win of them all, the 25th annual Tulsa Shootout in the last year they ran karts there.

            Racing at Kam in animal all the way to the fast and furious Open Outlaws, climbing into each class slowly and not rushing my skill, I learned the most about throttle control (wide open doesn’t win when it goes slick at Kam), car control, racing side by side without touching, sportsmanship, and most of all the great fellowship that racing offers with the “Kam Fam”. Everything I learned back at Kam in Karts, I now apply every time I climb aboard a sprint car or midget. If it weren’t for Kam and everything I learned while driving there, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am truly blessed to have started at such a great track, surrounded by great people who want each other to succeed. So for this Thank you Mike and Kelley for having such a great track where young drivers can’t chase their dreams to be the next Kyle Larson, Bryan Clauson, Danica Patrick, or Kasey Kahne.



  • 2013 three straight A main wins in first year in a 305 Sprint Car
  • 2012 Tulsa Shootout EcoTech Midget Qualifier Win
  • 2012 12th Annual Port City Non Wing Nationals Winner
  • 2012 3rd Annual Lone Star Nationals Open Outlaw Winner (first time running this class)
  • 2011 2nd Annual Lone Star Nationals Modified Outlaw Winner
  • 2010 Kam Kartway Modified Track Champion & Best Overall Senior Driver
  • 2009 25th Annual Tulsa Shootout Stock Animal champion
  • 2009 Kam Kartway Animal Track Champion & Best Overall Jr. Driver\”

I had to share this because I use him as an example all the time about that not every successful driver will get a win during their 1st year. He is proof of that.

You can follow him on Facebook here.  Follow him on Twitter @paytonpierce18p.


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  1. Wouldn’t be where I am today without the foundation I was able to build at Kam! Thank y’all for all that y’all do to make Kam a breeding ground for great drivers! I can already see some more great talent coming out of Kam from kids like Jett, Pierce & many others

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