Events that have shaped KAM: Changing results of actual events of a race to reflect correction of an error made is an UNACCEPTABLE PRACTICE IN MOTORSPORTS

Newsflash: Flagman Black Flag of driver was a bad call after review fellow driver declares that Megan’s did not come into with hers.

Request by Driver to remove the penalty DQ is denied. By Track

Appeal Filed by Driver to \”MOM\” to help her render aid and help prevent personal & and unfair penalty being imposed

Notes of Counter request to “Mother” from “Child” for Specific assistance to assist fighting her cause specifically because the “bad call” was in agreement a mistake and sefically you have ability to make this change because you own the track. RESULT: still denied – this is an emotional upset and is considered a “Heart Break Loss” Understand that racing is not a perfect sport (there no such thing in life, It does such and we know firsthand how hard you have worked because made you do drills and seat time practice on Wed’s which required you to give up your Beloved Youth Group was a major sacrifice and cost to you. We are proud of your ongoing and extra efforts and encourage you to continue. We understand that this points penalty will prevent you from your goal and cost you a spot. This a horrible and devastating loss. But you still ran in the top of the class in the Animal class in your 2dn year of racing. Adding to the hardship of your age because you waited so long. Entering sport at 14 gave you 1 year as a rookie/beginner status to learn and apply what takes most years to do before entering competition level such as Animal. You still placed 3rd which still gives a “top champions”

Official Opinion: As a governing policy practice to motorsports Track for the Integrity of Motorsports backs up flags and calls made Officials. Accept testimony of  driver affirming no contact. We do regret the error of \”contact\” assumption resulting from aggressive driving methods used against new drivers., a \”Practice\” previous warning was given.  Mistakes are made in Racing all the time due it is fast, action packed and edge of your seat excitement levels of participation & Race show offered the fans and in the Spirit & Intent of Racing the flagman thought he saw you contact and specific warnings had been to you previously about aggressive racing against new drivers so in the Spirit and Intent the call made to penalize a repeat office to favor a new driver.


****UPDATE: Policy officially put into practice as standard operating procure officially applied at an end of season points race that causes Heartbreak Loss during 2nd year \”Advanced Beginner\”of Racing Career, shapes KAM & Instills Integrity & sets Character Value of Megan (14 yrs old) as it was used then causing great \”HARM\” and \”UNFAIR\” lesson 2nd year points  and  9 Years Latter In a major worst case reaction to an “unfavorable” start of race escalates to extreme loss of control when youth sport parent’s initial violation of “yelling’ at track worker to relentless and ongoing attack reaching to unlawful verbal abuse,

The Parent, was not happy with the start of race and approaches official, who is active at counting the karts, as the come around on each lap….. As Megan continues to do her JOB and ignores the Sport Parent continues to violate rules of order. [SIDE NOTE: this person is insOngoing antics to cause sport to stop is not an option! That goes against nature of the sport “racing”, RACING CONTINUES .Track official continues to show amazing restraint and continues order and recording laps.

As the process of racing is on-going and Megan remains focused to on-track. This parent is attempting to call a ‘Time-out” – Parent must be confused about sport of racing continues

VIOLATION OF CRIME: as well as the out-of-control conduct of verbal abuse, &.evolves to escalated and “over-the-top’ loss of control by a Mother of a “Beginner” Driver who did not find performance efforts of child’s application of procedure acceptable, but as the “”beginner mistake” of not being ready** we know to be correct account of event further

acknowledged & accepted by the child

Actual Event as it occurred later & well after calm restored:  HE UNDERSTANDS **NOTE: I have had hours of one -on-one time with over the course of time and we have abond, and am 100% sure he \”Waiting\” for me to show up. He wanted to talk to me.  I ended the day for him on Possitive Note. Did any else offer encouragment, and future success is possible 

As I approach the score stand I see hanging around, kind of kicking in the dirt, “Hi Ty!”

“”Hey TY! I heard you didn’t have a good start……”What happened?“‘ Child said “He forgot he wasn’t 3.5” and he thought the track workers still had to tell him where to go. To which Kelley said “Oh, no! I’m sorry. But you are now in a Big Boy you won’t forget again next time, Right? AND TY REPLIED A RESOUNDING “NO” . Kelley reassured him and “I know you won’t” ****SPECIAL note – this child is special to me and I love him deeply (which is WHY I do what I and its for the kids AND  is Great Loss in life (I miss this Kid and his teammate) Lost Love of MY KIDS/Drivers  *I gave the Parent not 1 but 2 chances at redemption change for child\’s best interest and growth… As I look back over the years to see if continued efforts can create gain or benefit, I only know for that this Child\’s racing option & availabity was similarly challenged by Passive/Aggressive Pit Mom who from day 1 would find something at any level over the course of  years  made many collected attempts to ge the KAM racers to go and run at Cirlce L because the trophy was nicer. So I have been deeling with  easy & available access also.But look how iAlso was

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