Outlaw Dirt Kart Racer Mitchell Mobley Makes National Debut

Checkered Flag Season 4 Edition 6 from The Checkered Flag Show on Vimeo.

10 Year Old Driver from KAM Kartway gives Pro Interview

In the first installment of \”Way Out West\” Series by the Checkered Flag Show, Host Ace Nailir interviewed 10 year old Outlaw Dirt Kart Racer Mitchell Mobley.  Proudly displaying his KAM powered QRC Kart in the shot, you would have thought he gave interviews on a regular basis.  However, this was Mitchell\’s first time in the hot seat and yet I was told that Dad was more nervous than driver.  (lol)

If you missed the show you can watch it on repeat above. 

Next up is Cody Pound.  Be sure to catch his interview this Tuesday at 9:00pm.

Media Links: Click here for Mitchell\’s Facebook Fan Page and click here to view his Driver Profile page.  For information on how you can purchase a QRC Kart for yourself, please visit KAM Motorsports online.

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