KAM Kartway welcomes JRPW as a New 2015 Marketing Partner


KAM Kartway is proud to announce a new partnership with Jimmy Rivers Performance Works from Martinez, Ga. 

JRPW has come on board for the 2015 Race Season to become the Jr 2 Outlaw Clone Class Sponsor. This will be a new class for KAM Kartway this year.  Special thanks and a shout-out to KAM local Rex Mobley who was instrumental in brokering this sponsorship deal for KAM Kartway.

\”Jimmy is a great guy to deal with, very supportive of Mitchell and he puts his heart and soul into every engine he build,\” said Rex Mobley, Crew Chief for the #57 Animal Gold Plate team.

JRPW is a fully equipped machine shop, with state of the art machinery and techniques to keep you ahead of the pack. They do all the work most other shops farm out. From something as simple as honing a cylinder, to installing a cylinder sleeve, oversize valve seats, or even welding up a hole from a failed rod, we can do it all. All our work is done in-house, nothing is sent out. This insures their quality, and the bottom line – Power! They provide quick turnaround times on all our new builds, rebuilds, and our machine work, and ship UPS daily. 

Jimmy is also the author of the “Speed Shop Scholar,” a tech series featured monthly in the “Chase\’n Race\’n Illustrated”; Dirt Karting’s premier publication. His articles and expert advice covers a wide range of topics that every racer will find useful. Check out his tech archive here.

So if you are in the market for an Animal or Clone motor package, please give Jimmy a call today.  Also be sure to check out his website at  JRPWracing.net.  JRPW is currently running an online special offering Free Shipping on new blueprinted Animal & Flathead Engines. 

By phone you can reach Jimmy\’s shop at 706-863-1206.  When you call him, please be sure to say \”Thank You\” for supporting your race program here at KAM Kartway. JRPW can also be contacted through their Facebook Page – so be sure to stop by there soon so you can LIKE them.

 Jimmy thank you for your Sponsorship and welcome to the KAM Fam!  We are truly grateful to have your support.




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