KAM Champions – Don\’t miss out on this $50k Opportunity With Champion Spark Plug!

I told you about this a few months ago when Champion made the announcement that they were doing the \”Search for a Champion\” sponsorship campaign.  Well it\’s time to get crackin\’ because it starts Nov 3rd. 

Like,  two weeks away. 

[quote style=\”carbon\”]I had started this post a few weeks ago to offer suggestions, support and encouragement to my KAM Drivers and saved it as a Draft to work on it later – and as usual too many irons in the fire, I forgot about it. Then the \”Sponsor Angels\” looked down and said, \”uh, oh\” and yesterday I got this pack of of post cards from Champion to distribute out to my drivers.[/quote]

I may sent them with Mike to the West Texas Kart Nationals – but then there is no guarantee you will ever see one, he almost never does what I ask him to do. 

So to be safe, let\’s discuss:

Champion is searching for future Racing Stars (YOU) to Sponsor for the 2015 Racing Season.  Go to ALWAYSACHAMPION.COM for all the details.

This is the 4th year Champion is scouting for the \”best up-and-coming talent\”.  Again, THAT\’S YOU!  So if you don\’t go for it, you may just be throwing $$ out the window.

 Here\’s what you need to do right now! 

  1. Commit to doing it.  Why not?  You have nothing to loose.  If anything it\’s an educational experience that you will benefit from. If you plan to stay in racing and want to be that up-and-coming driver, you have to learn how to market yourself.
  2. Get a notebook and label it: Search for a Champion.  It\’s crunch time and I want you to stay organized. 
  3. On the first page, write \”Do I have what it takes?\”
  4. Then start listing your reason why you do!  Make notes, jot down ideas, set your goals, give yourself deadlines. 
  5. Collect video footage and pictures of yourself that you can use. Are your race stats up-to-date? Keep those handy in case you need them. (Make sure you get some good footage from this weekend at Nationals & next weekend (accepting your KAM Kartway Championship Cup.)
  6. You will want to write a script for yourself. Don\’t ad-lib on-camera driver intro, you will look nervous and not confident. Write down what you want to say about yourself.  Your determination. Your goals.  >>That\’s why I suggest a notebook – you should be taking lots of notes. The Michalek Brothers talk about this in the video below titled, \”How to create a winning entry\”.  The Micalek Brothers Racing Team won the search in 2012.



Now go to YouTube yourself and subscribe to Champion Spark Plug\’s Channel.  Watch some more videos by others who have done this in the past to get some ideas and inspiration.

Don\’t forget to \”Like\” them on Facebook, \”Follow\” them on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to their email list.  If you write a post on Facebook or Twitter or post a picture to Instagram related to this \”Search for a Champion\” (like, \”Hey! I\’m going to do this!\” or \”I have what it takes!\”) be sure to Hashtag it using #TeamChampion.  They will take notice and you could end up on their feed or better yet ON THEIR RADAR!  >>Hey if you do post anything to Intagram with #TeamChampion you should also add #Kamkartway.  Images with #Kamkartway are magically pulled from your Instagram feed and land on a special section of the KAM Kartway homepage and your picture will rotate with others who are creatively using social media to market themselves. (Hi Derrike! Hi Drew!) NOTE: Only use #kamkartway tags for KAM Kartway things please.  I don\’t want to see your gym teacher in 7th period doing that weird thing again.  Thanks.

Okay!  That\’s all I got for now. You can do this.  They are looking for Champions and we help build them here at KAM Kartway – so this  was tailor made just for you.

Best of Luck!

Need help?  Write your questions in the \”Comments\” section on this post.  Let\’s keep everything in once place!  We can use this blog as a support network.  I will help anyway I can, however Video editing is something I never mastered.  But I am sure others will be happy to offer advice or suggestions.


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