KAM Kartway is Proud to Announce the Title Sponsor for the 2014 Points Series


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Bridgeport Road Construction has signed on for the 10th Anniversary Championship Points Series.

KAM Kartway is proud to announce the Title Sponsor for the 2014 Points Series. BRC owner, Eddi Carpenter has been a Fan for a few years now as her Nephew races out her at KAM.  She said that she wasn\’t too sure about it at first, but that she just \”loves to watch those kiddos race.  I love it.\”  Well Eddi, we LOVE you!  Thank you for supporting the track with your Title Sponsorship.

It is not a cliche\’ when we say, without our Sponsors we KAM Kartway would not exists. It is our Sponsors, racers and families who keep the race program at KAM going strong.

I can\’t believe KAM turns 10 this year!  The time has flown by, and like Eddi – I just love to watch my KAM Kiddos race!


While we are still trying so shore up some Sponsor slots BRC put their stamp of approval on the points schedule so it is posted


Thank you Eddi and Bridgeport Road Construction once again.  We are thrilled to have you as our Title Sponsor this year!

KAM Points Schedule 2014





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