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[iconheading type=\”h1\” style=\”glyphicon-search\”]If you are not advertising online yet, now the time to test it out. [/iconheading]

If your small business isn’t online, then what are you waiting for?

A recent survey by pbSmart Essentials has suggested that more than half (54%) of small businesses are finally ditching the old school methods in exchange for internet marketing, and you should too!

If the web-savvy competition isn’t enough to get you reading up on jargon like SEO, Social media management and web marketing, then it’s worth considering that the amount of money spent online has doubled over the past ten years, according to a recent business magazine report.

The same survey found that more than a third (36%) of consumers do the bulk of their shopping over the internet, while more than one in ten people admit to purchasing something online at least once a day. Another 67% of the general public turn to the the net to do research before they buy and at least half of them are heavily infuenced by ratings and recommendations. These figures are only predicted to grow over time.

I had a feeling years ago that Social Media would take over and revolutionize Marketing as we knew it.  And at the time I was an apartment manager as well as a regular speaker for the National Apartment Association specializing in marketing training. I predicted that Anti-Social Media Policies hastily being written were a not going to benefit management companies.  I mean, how \”Social\” can you get that providing your customers with their \”HOME\”?

I know that racing and apartments don\’t really go hand in hand, however the social dynamic of and the very diversity of the two do.  With the new season (and it\’s our 10th!) fast approaching – and really not hat thee racers had an off-season around here – the internet is always a buzz.  Our new website, has also been churned out a lot of interesting and fun content more than usual due a lot to the redesign and launch.  Now here\’s the interesting (and exciting) thing about that:  KAM had a 27.4% increase in Post Reach, a 22.5% increase in Engagement and a total of 42 likes with a two week period. [su_button url=\”\” target=\”blank\” style=\”glass\” size=\”6\” center=\”yes\” radius=\”round\” icon=\”icon: flag-checkered\” text_shadow=\”1px 0px 0px #000000\”]See the Results![/su_button]


Weather your business measures your ROI on increased revenew, leads, search engine optimization or improved market position I am confident that partnering with would give you a great return.   See your Sponsor Feature/Benefits if you go with Media Marketing package with us:\"pdf

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