Zamp Racing FSA-2 SA2010 Auto Racing Helmet is SA 2010 Snell rated and a bargain at $169.95

I featured the this Zamp helmet in a post few weeks back for a blog about safety and the new Snell ratings.  While the Snell SA2005 are compliant for this race season they will not be after December, so I wanted to share with you product review for the new Zamp RZ-34 with a Snell SA 2010 safety rating that KAM Karting Supply will be adding to the product line.  This is a good looking helmet!  See for yourself in this promotional video the manufacturer just released:

KAM has been a long time Zamp Helmet dealer and I am excited to relaunch our product line with the RZ-34  Helmet being our featured safety pick for our customers.

Zamp Racing has a true passion for safety and technology and are dedicated to ongoing research, development and testing.  SA is the toughest rating to get and the price reflects that with most SA2010 helmets on the market today starting at $350 and more.   Helmets that passed strenuous fire resistance and roll bar crash testing scrutiny over similar racing helmets used in our sport that don\’t may have been thought to be out of reach for most racing budgets, but now you don\’t have to settle!  Priced at what is typically a M or K rated racing helmet price point, the Zamp RZ-34 the best bargain on the market right now at $219.95.

Did I mention how good looking it was too?



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FSA starts at $169.95 and is SA2010 rated!!


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