Yellow Ribbon Race to bring Awareness to Suicide Prevention


Supporting World Suicide Prevention Day, which is September 10th each year – KAM Kartway in conjunction with K&K Race Services (Kaley\’s company) hosts a Yellow Ribbon Race to bring awareness to this important cause.

This year\’s Yellow Ribbon Race is scheduled for Sept 1, 1918.  As in years past we will have yellow ribbons for the drivers to wear on their race suits to show support.  Kaley hand makes these every year for this race in her ongoing effort to support this cause that is near and dear to her heart.

Though our efforts are small in comparison to the global events listed on their website we believe that we can all work together and make a difference in bringing awareness to Suicide Prevention.  

There is a bigger event that you can also participate in which is the \”Out of the Darkness Walk\”.  These walks are being done all over the world and we have one in are area in Gainesville.  The event is scheduled for Sept 8th and will be at the Gainesville Middle School.  Registration time is at 5pm and the walk starts at 6pm and goes to 11pm. This event is Free of charge and open to the public and donations are accepted.  The overall goal of this event is to raise $10,000 and they have already gotten $8,557.

To register for this event click here.  You can also make a donation on this page as well.

Another event you can choose to participate in is the \”Walk, Run, Cycle around the Lake\” at North Lake College at their Central Campus – it is starting at the Lakeside Patio from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Below is an even flyer for this activity.


Another thing that you can do to support this cause is participate in the \”Light a Candle\” campaign on Sept 10th.  Post the image below on your Social Media channels to spread the message. (Right click image and click \”save image\” to download to your computer)


According to their website:  a person dies every 40 seconds by suicide and up to 25 times as many again make a suicide attempt. There are also many more people who have been bereaved by suicide or have been close to someone who has made an attempt.  World Suicide Prevention Day  is about our global community: to encourage us to engage with each other and to join together to spread awareness of suicide prevention. 

For the parents reading this and/or students – please check out this online toolkit for students based on the 13 Reasons Why Netflix program.  It has a lot of good resources and educational advice to give your child.  Please read it and go over all the points with your child to educate them so that they can prevent a crisis for themselves or someone else in their lives.  There is also a Toolkit for Parents on this site to review to educate yourself on the subject of suicide and it\’s causes, behaviors to look out for, help resources and more.  

Youth Suicide Warning Signs

  1. Talking about or making plans for suicide

  2. Expressing hopelessness about the future

  3. Displaying severe/overwhelming emotional pain or distress

  4. Showing worrisome behavioral cues or marked changes in behavior, particularly in the presence of the warning signs above. Specifically, this includes significant:

  • Withdrawal from or changing in social connections/situations

  • Changes in sleep (increased or decreased)

  • Anger or hostility that seems out of character or out of context

  • Recent increased agitation or irritability

Finally, and not to change the subject but another Racing for A Cause that KAM Kartway supports is Anti-Bullying.  The reason I bring it up here is because Bullying is a big factor in many suicide attempts and/or suicidal thoughts among young people today. is a great resource on this topic and is a subject that should be discussed with your children in conjunction with suicide prevention.  

Thank you for reading my post about Suicide Prevention and for participating on Sept 1 at the Yellow Ribbon Race. We appreciate you and all you do to support KAM Kamkartway and our Racing for a Cause charities and causes.  The phone number for the National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).  

(I encourage you, your driver, your race team, whatever you have to pick a charity or cause to back as your Racing for a Cause…..Sponsors like this, not to mention it\’s helping out people and gives your race team an added purpose!!)


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