Thank your Sponsors!

Supporting Sponsors is crucial if you want to keep them!

I\’m trying to find unique ways to show our appreciation to our series sponsors – that\’s why Craig took the \”Class Pictures\” for me on Saturday – and thought it would be nice if the drivers sent \”Thank You\” cards to their Class Sponsor as well. At the very least if they could thank them on Facebook with a link to their page to help promote them and show support. KAM didn\’t cut corners on awards that the kids get every week this year either.  They were custom-made each week with the sponsor\’s name and each individual class name on them. 

~You\’ll thank me one day for that when you have a room full of trophies in boxes and can\’t remember when they got any of them. 

We also gave the feature winner a nice checker flag and the heat & feature win stickers an upgrade (and not cheap)  – so they don\’t fade or peel and look ugly in a week.

Basically the cost of the Class Sponsor that KAM gets covers these items for the series for that class.  So your class sponsor really is YOUR sponsor too. Most of our sponsors support us even when they don\’t get a return on their investment (ie: a new customer).  Did anyone build a road this year and use Bridgeport Road Construction?  But some personal messages and shout-outs of appreciation may be all the ROI they need. 

Get your driver in the habit now of thanking their supporters and promoting them in this way.  When you don\’t promote your sponsors (even Grandma and Grandpa!), that support will dry up fast. 

Okay, so then I came across this idea and thought it would such a great idea for you to make custom thank you cards for their personal sponsors and supporters!  Add racing pictures to show how their support helped you!


A Perfectly Personalized Card from Cardstore would make the ultimate \”Thank You\” card!  They have a lot of templates to choose from for ideas.  I sure know that I would flip over something like that.  But the bottom line is to make sure that they (not just you) personally thanks them for the support.  Back in the day we when we regularly sponsored young drivers, races and other tracks the most important thank you I got was from 2 young drivers who had each written me a hand-written thank you letter. One of them also included a drawing of their race kart! 

I still have both of them.

In addition, I want to thank Craig and Yolanda with CR Pics for supporting KAM Kartway and giving us another year of priceless memories to cherish. 

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