Texas State Championship Race Results for 2017


The 2nd Annual Texas State Championships were held at KAM Kartway last weekend (Oct 28, 2017) with 68 total drivers in attendance. 


The race finishes and Class Champions are as follows:

Young Guns (Support class and non-competitive class as they all get same place)

Kolt Simmons, Cash Miller, Cooper Thomas, Parker McElroy, Tony Contente, and Cutter Bell


Jr 1 Clone 

1st Place   Calvin Kemp
2nd Place   Mason Martin
3rd Place   Greyson Simmons
4th Place    Ford Vance
5th Place    Mason Marrill
6th Place   Caity Bellows
7th Place   Kelly Bundrick
8th Place   Langston Fetty
9th Place    Mayzie Kemp
10th Place   Bryler Pennington
11th Place   Blaine Spann

Mason Martin in the #99m and Ford Vance in the #31 both won both their heats as the class was split into two groups.


Jr 2 Clone

1st Place   Noah Rowland
2nd Place   Landon Thompson
3rd Place   Conner Thomas
4th Place   Brecken Reese
5th Place   Logan Reynolds
6th Place   Cooper Miller
7th Place   Rhett Butler
8th Place   Kyleigh Pennington
9th Place    Kase Bundrick
10th Place   Landyn Riley
11th Place   Matthew Pierson

Landon Thompson in the #7t and Noah Rowland in the #95 won the first groups heats, respectively and group 2 heats were both won by the #20 of Brecken Reese.


Jr 3 Clone

1st Place   Blayne Murphy
2nd Place   Kaden Bennett
3rd Place   Richard Zimmerman
4th Place    Carson Bennett
5th Place   Weston Palanza
6th Place    Tatum Bell
7th Place   James Addison
8th Place   Toby Terry
9th Place   Christian Smith

Group A heat winners were #5B of Kaden Bennett and #11 of Richard Zimmerman and Group B heat winners were #18B of Carson Bennett and #21 of Blayne Murphy.

Outlaw 125

1st Place    Case Penrod
2nd Place   Carson Bradley
3rd Place   Nate Hammond
4th Place   Jaden Edmond
5th Place   Donny Kirk, Jr.
6th Place    Kutter Guerra
7th Place   Gavin Treadway

Heat winners were the #C88 of Carson Bradley and #23 of Case Penrod.



Outlaw 250

1st Place    Mitchell Mobley
2nd Place   Emilee Lowry
3rd Place   Sean Knox
4th Place   Jaden Edmond
5th Place   Gracie Sonntag
6th Place   Tyler Rose
7th Place   Ben Saye
8th Place   Wes Knox
9th Place   Ethan Bundrick

Sean Knox in the #21k won the first heat and Emilee Lowry in the $5 won the second heat of Group A and Ben Saye in the #73 won the first heat and and Mitchell Moblely in the #57 won the second heat in Group B.



Open Outlaw

1st Place    Jett Hays
2nd Place   Pierce Urbanosky
3rd Place    William Sutton
4th Place   Toryn Spear
5th Place   Cody Pound
6th Place   Tyler Hrncirk
7th Place   Mike Rogers
8th Place   Taylor Rose

Jett Hays (#83) won heat #1 in Group A and Tyler Hrncirk in the #12 won the second heat – Cody Pound piloting the 21c won the 1st heat in Group B with Mike Rogers in the #16 winning heat #2.



Pro Clone (Support Class)

1st Place   Mike Gracy
2nd Place   Marc Velasquez
3rd Place   Brock Miller
4th Place   Perry Cummings
5th Place   Jason Walters
6th Place   Matt Velasquez
7th Place Chad Presnall

The #28 of Marc Velasquez won the first heat with #15 of Mike Gracy winning the 2nd heat.



If you still want an event t-shirt contact Mike Jones with Marketing Xtreme.


For more pictures check out Mike Frierie\’s Facebook page and Karen Davis\’ Facebook page.  I\’m also trying to copy as many videos as possible and put them on our YouTube Channel so check them out when you get a chance and share them with your friends and family.



2nd & 3rd Place Champion- ship Class Trophies

\"Texas \"Texas


Special thanks to our Sponsors KAM Motorsports, Splash Haven Pools and ProTech

Also thanks to the participating tracks; in addition to KAM Kartway they are: Texoma Speedway, Slaton Speedway, Heart of Texas Kartway, and Tumbleweed Speedway

If you are a promoter with Outlaw Kart Classes and would like your track to be included in this annual event please contact Ron Clark or Kelley Engstrom for more information.

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