Texas Challenge Race Results 11-26-16


Young Guns
Allie Montgomery
Mayzie Kemp
Calvin Kemp
Jr 1 Clone 
1st  Cooper Miller
2nd PJ Egbert
3rd  Kalieb Merritt
4th  Hunter Bowen
5th  Brixleigh Crouch
6th  Richard Zimmerman
Jr 2 Clone 
1st  Peyton Palanza
2nd Case Penrod
3rd  PJ Egbert
4th  Brekton Crouch
5th  Kamaron Brimmer
6th  Dodge DeLaRosa
Jr 3 Clone 
1st Austin Piper
2nd Shawn Marquez
3rd Mitchell Mobley
4th Brenham Crouch
5th Tatum Bell
6th Nathan Cisco
7th Westin Palanza
1st Michael Buck
2nd Dodge DeLaRosa
3rd Gracie Sonntag
4th Bree Tennison
5th Clayton Bowen
6th Jayden Broyles
7th Blayne Crosson
8th Emilee Lowry
DNF Haydon Hammon
DNF Dylan Still
Outlaw 125
1st Ethan Daniels
2nd Dylan Still
3rd Brandon Dodds
DNF Gracie Sonntag
Outlaw 250
1st Cody Pound
2nd Sean Knox
3rd Matt Niell
4th Connor Montgomery
5th Gilbert Perez
6th Emilee Lowry
7th Wes Knox
8th Katelynn Dixon
9th Collin Montgomery
Open Outlaw
1st Jett Hays
2nd Cade Holden
3rd Jayce Hudson
4th Mike Rogers, Jr.
5th Gilbert Perez
6th Isaiah Garcia
Adult Clone
1st Marc Velasquez
2nd Mike Gracy
3rd Perry Cummings
4th Garron Brimmer
5th JJ Broyles
6th Calvin Alvin
7th Derrik Pennington
8th Alan Mathews
9th Gregg Gary
10th Brock Miller
DNS Michael Stout
DNS Jacob Hurt
DNS Mike White


Photos by Karen Davis

\"Texas  \"Derrick

\"Texas  \"Case 

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