Here is the Splash Haven Pool\’s Texas Challenge Event Race Report


The Texas Challenge presented by Splash Haven Pools Fall Event is now in the books and we sure had some awesome drivers show up and put on a great show for everyone!!  Below is a list of all the A Main class finish results.

We want to give special thanks to all the class sponsors for their support in addition to Splash Haven Pools, and also to Mike Melton with Pro Tech and again to David Knox owner of our Title Sponsor – Splash Haven Pools – for donating a little extra cash for the driver payouts in the Outlaw 250 and Open Outlaw classes.

The Texas Challenge event paid out to 5th place in most of the classes (depending on kart count) which a lot of drivers must not have realized because I ended up with a lot of pay envelopes that did not get claimed.  For those of you who did not get your pay envelope I will hold them and you can pick them up at the next race event which is the Turkey Shoot on November 24th. After that, any prize money that doesn\’t get claimed will go into the Awards Banquet fund.  

We want to give a huge shout-out and the biggest of thank you\’s to Kyle Kemp (Katelynn Kemp #17k Pit Dad) for organizing and soliciting donation prizes for a track fundraiser to benefit safety improvements.  He made just over $1300 for the track.  NOTE – He did everything From coming up with the idea to help the track in the first place – to selling all the raffle tickets from his pit area during the 2-day race event – to also making the signs, and of course getting all those fabulous prizes. 

At this time we also want to say thank you to the generous businesses that donated items to support our track raffle, they are: 

  •  777 Graphics for the $400 credit toward a kart wrap or team shirts,
  • Smiley\’s Racing for the $100 gift card,
  • UltraShield for the safety belts gift certificate,
  • MPI for the steering wheel,
  • Knoxville Raceway for the Knoxville National tickets,
  • and engine builders JRPW and PPM for the engine parts. 
  • [Now I need to get Kyle to help me with the Awards Banquet Prizes because I can never get these businesses to donate such awesome prizes.] 

You did an amazing job Kyle and we are so truly grateful to you and your support of KAM Kartway.


Another person to say thank you to is the track photographer, Michael Beard.  He has been coming to our race events for the past several months and taking pictures of our drivers and posting them free of charge.  He did ask for $30 per driver/kart fee for the Texas Challenge, so if your driver was captured and photo posted [especially if you use/download the picture(s)] – please be sure to pay the fee he asked for.  It\’s a fair price and he puts in a lot of time and effort into his work all for our kids benefit.    

[NOTE ABOUT TRACK PICTURES: The photos that he posts on Facebook are free for you to use on your social media and personal use but please remember to give photo credit to \”Michael Beard Photography\” when using them online (on websites, social media accounts or even just when \”sharing\” them) – and next time you see him, please think about giving him a donation to show your appreciation and to support his great efforts.  Track photographers are a great asset to any race track.  They capture the race memories of a lifetime and the pictures taken are enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.  They get action shots that parents will never be able to get due to track access, and they are truly priceless – in addition to being a medium for you to use when bragging on your child they should be used for marketing your driver online and to potential sponsors.] 

And the KAM Kartway Texas Challenge Race Results are….

Doug’s Auto Repair – Young Guns Class

1st Place – Kade Mennenga

2nd Place – Owin Halpain

3rd Place – Jordan Blackburn

4th Place – Geoffrey Petty


Vernon Auto Group – Jr 1 Class

1st Place – Kolt Simmons

2nd Place – Daniel Coffman

3rd Place – Tyler Tarrant

4th Place – Kash Wright

5th Place – Parker Wideman

6th Place – Luke Reynolds


777 Graphics – Jr 2 Class

1st Place  – Grayson Simmons

2nd Place – Dylan Blackburn

3rd Place – Cooper Loveless

4th Place – Madison Petty

5th Place – Mason Martin

6th Place – Weston Broome

7th Place – Caity Bellows

8th Place – Gatlin Mewbourn

9th Place – Scout Spraggins

10th Place – Stone Melton

11th Place – Calvin Kemp

12th Place – Katelynn Kemp

13th Place – Kenzie Glasgo

14th Place – Gavin Paulus

15th Place – Shunya Kawazoe

16th Place – Mayzie Kemp

17th Place – Mylee Petty

18th Place – Addisyn Hamscher

**The B-main winner was Stone Melton



Tony’s Auto Repair – Jr 3 Class

1st Place – Noah Rowland

2nd Place – Jacob Rameriz

3rd Place – Logan Reynolds

4th Place – Carson Boulden

5th Place – Caydie Lucksted

6th Place – James Addison

7th Place – Tyler Jones


TSK Designs – Outlaw 250 Class

1st Place – Landon Thompson

2nd Place – Austin Piper

3rd Place – Mitchell Mobley

4th Place – Tatum Bell

5th Place – Luke Rameriz

DNS – Landon Bellows

DNS – Case Harris


MRC Chassis – Open Outlaw

1st Place – Cody Pound

2nd Place – Jett Hays

3rd Place – Kade Taylor

4th Place – Ben Saye

5th Place – Emilee Lowry

6th Place – Sean Knox

7th Place – Austin Harris

8th Place – Kaleb Wyrick

9th Place – Bryan Harris

DNF  – Wes Knox

DNF  – Shane Marquez

DNF – Gracie Sonntag


**The Hard Charger award goes to Jett Hays who went from starting 10th position to finishing 2nd place.



KAM Motorsports – Pro Clone

1st Place – Brock Miller

2nd Place – Jason Walters

3rd Place – Marc Velasquez

4th Place – Charlie Mitchell


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