Sponsorship Proposal Template


I often get asked how to write or what to include in a Sponsorship Proposal so below you find a copy of my Sponsorship Proposal Template. You can download a copy using the menu button at the bottom right of the document.  Or following is a link to Onedrive.com that hosts a copy of the Sponsorship Proposal Template.  It is set to \”editable\” meaning you can type over and personalize to your needs then print and share it.  You may need to have a Onedrive.com account to save it, but they have a free plan and Onedrive could be beneficial to your team by posting Press  Releases for example that are hosted online and a link for sharing is provided.  If you have Word and would like me to send you the file just shoot me an email and I will send you a copy as an attachment so you have a copy on your personal computer.  



  • Don\’t use a crazy or hard to read font. Stay with the basics that everyone knows. Use personal brand font if it is report professional.
  • Include a graphic or team logo. 
  • Copy template onto a slide share program or Power Point to make scrolling through pages easier. 
  • Save it as a PDF before distributing.
  • Personalize for each potential sponsor.
  • When sending out hard copies, use a nice letterhead or off white paper so that it feels special and doesn\’t get discarded easily.
  • When sending out as a email, use a PDF version as an attachment. Not everyone has the Word program to open it but almost everyone has a PDF reader. 


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