Snowed In

Since we are making changes to the calendar – here\’s another one…… 

This on is not our fault though ~ it\’s Mother Nature\’s.  The forecast keeps changing by the hour … but Sunday looks to be 60 degrees – and since we could use another day to thaw out from this week\’s snow \”storm\” we are changing the race this weekend from Saturday (tomorrow) to Sunday (Feb 9th).  Gates will open at 11:30 am and Drivers Meeting will be at 1pm.

I sent out a text message for those of you on the \”Rained Out\” notification system.  To add your cell number to this service and get automatic text messages with up to date track information due to weather related schedule changes go to, search for KAM Kartway and sign up for our track.

In the meantime……

Since we are snowed in why don\’t you look into Astro Video Gaming Equipment!


Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link for KAM. If you purchase thru this link KAM Kartway gets a commission.

**We are trying to find new ways of creating revenue for the track to make sure we are able to keep the cost low for our racers, while maintaining a quality race program for you. You will be seeing more of these affiliate ads on the site.  Please use when you can!!**

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