Smith wins Inaugural Micro Race at the Monster Mash


Lots of fun and excitement at KAM Kartway\’s final points race of the season.

There were so many cool looking trailers in the pits this weekend for the Monster Mash contest!

Driver Ty Rodriguez in the #40 Animal {former Gold Plate} was the winner!  Driver Zoie Pierce\’s {#A-1 Pure Stock} trailer was too cool, unfortunately the pictures don\’t work for a website post as they had it dark for a spooky effect. But be sure to view Craig\’s pictures after he posts them as I\’m sure his expert photography skills will shine through, but in the meantime is one that gets my \”Best In Show\” award:


Oh, and they did this little thing with some new class…..

7 Non-Wing Restricted Micros shows KAM is ready for an update!

The Monster Mash theme was on the schedule but not Micro Sprint racing but there were still a solid car count for the Inaugural Restricted Micro Sprint 600 race this weekend.  Micro racing is typically the next step after karts in the motorsports ladder and it was great to see several former KAM karters come out to test the track.  Stephen Smith from Oklahoma won the feature and passing was not a problem.  Below is a video from former {and current again if we add these cars to the schedule!!} KAM Pitmom Tara Key:

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