Counterfeit Hutchens Hybrid Pro head and neck restraint devices have been obtained by Simpson Performance Products and the matter is under investigation.  If you have a head and neck restraint device labeled Hutchens Hybrid Pro with a 2013 SFI 38.1 label, this device may not be genuine.  If this device does not have “box X” stitching on the tethers, it is not genuine.  Reference pictures below.  There are other differences between the counterfeit device and a genuine device that trained inspectors can identify.  If you suspect that you have such a device and you are currently attending a racing event, immediately present the device to technical officials at the event. 

Warning:  Usage of any device that is counterfeit and does not have appropriate SFI labeling could result in serious injury or death.  Counterfeit products have not been tested by SFI and there is no way to know whether such products meet SFI standards.

How to Determine If You Have a Counterfeit Hutchens Hybrid Pro


1. Verify the model. You are looking for the Hutchens Hybrid Pro label as shown above, on the back of your device. Although most devices with this label are not counterfeit, devices that are counterfeit will be identified as the Hutchens Hybrid Pro model.

2. Check the product’s SFI certification. Counterfeit products were punched in the year 2013. The hole-punch may be irregular due to not using the proper punch tool.


3. Verify the tethers. Counterfeit devices all have the quick release tether style and a tether sew pattern that is three straight stitch rows. See above details.
An authentic device has distinctive Box X and BarTAC sew patterns.

4. Counterfeit devices have electric green pull-tethers that attach to the helmet. This pull-tether resembles a shoe string rather than authentic Nomex™ thread.

5. Counterfeit devices have been purchased from individual sellers online, at stores including but not limited to EBay and the Racing Junk classified site. If you did not purchase your device from Simpson or from a reputable dealer, it could be counterfeit.

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If You Think You Have a Counterfeit Device:

Your safety is very important to Simpson. We cannot guarantee the performance of any device that is not an authentic Simpson Hutchens Hybrid Pro. We have reported this counterfeit and are pursing prosecution.

  1. If the device is found to be counterfeit, we strongly advise against racing with the device and will not be held responsible for the performance of any counterfeit device. Help us to remove these devices from circulation.
  2. We recommend that you formerly complain to the company that you purchased the counterfeit device from. Counterfeiting is a rampant crime that affects all of us and should be reported and prosecuted.

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Since 1959, Simpson Performance Products has been a leading manufacturer of safety equipment for the Motorsports industry. Simpson believes in putting safety first, and we are dedicated to elevating the standards of racing safety through continuous development, refinement and testing.  

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