The 2015 \”Search for a Champion\” is Calling for Entries and this year there is $125,000 in funding up for grabs

Champion Spark Plugs annual \”Search for a Champion\” starting soon

November 3, 2014 is the date to mark on your calendars – this is the date the contest opens up and starts accepting entries.  But don\’t procrastinate!  Making a winning video takes a lot more than just some racing footage and talking into your video camera.  You need to start planning now and prepare your entry for success. 

What do you need to do?

First: Follow this link for the official Search for a Champion website.  Go through it and read every word – don\’t forget to read the official Rules page! 

Then I suggest you do the following right away: 

  1.  Go to and find the winning videos from the past 3 years.  Watch them, take notes, and have your parents watch them. Get a full understanding of what it is that they are \”Searching\” for.
  2. Start gathering video footage that you already have.  Do  you need more?  Make plans.
  3. Do some research on the company and brand.  What is Champion all about.  What are their company values and Mission Statement.  Take more notes!
  4. Next, write out a script for your video.  You will NOT want to \”wing\” it – that never turns out good.

If you have never edited a video before – get some help with this.  It needs to be GOOD!

One last thing – don\’t waist any time. Thinking you have \”plenty\” of time and putting it off, I guarantee, will just be setting you up for failure.

GOOD LUCK!  I know all my drivers are Champions – so get out there and show them what your are made of.



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