Rex Mobley named Sportsman of the Month!

[pullquote align=\”left\”]I nominate Rex Mobley for the Sportsmanship Award[/pullquote]


Nominated Sportsman\’s Name: Rex Mobley

Tell us why this person is worthy of being named a KAM Sportsmanship Award winner:

\”Rex is a tough competitor, always fielding a fast car. But let any one of his rivals have problems and he is the first person there offering advice, expertise and even parts to help get them back on the track. He always has a smile on his face and is an upbeat supporter of kart racing as a whole. The season has just ended and I am fighting sadness because I know that we will not be racing with Rex and Mitchell next year. Rex Mobley is the epitome of what a sportsman should be. I nominate Rex Mobley for the Sportsmanship Award.\”


Congratulations Rex!  You are a great role model for a lot of people and we are happy to honor you with this award.

If you want to nominate someone for Sportsman of the Month <<click here>> to submit it.



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