KAM Kartway is Partnering with Racing 2 Cure as part of our Racing for a Cause Initiative


KAM Kartway has teamed up with Racing 2 Cure

We have committed to help Racing 2 Cure raise funds for their Cancer charity efforts.  Our goal is $500.00.

\”Racing for a Cause\” is a cornerstone in our Race Program at KAM Kartway and we support a lot of causes that touch our hearts and move our souls.  As part of our \”Development Program\” for our Youth Drivers, we encourage them to also Race for a Cause and advocate the importance of \”Giving Back\” to the community.  This isn\’t a marketing ploy, however it will – as a result – make your driver more marketable.

Supporting charities with a strong commitment to really \”give back\” helps us develop character traits needed for an overall happy, healthy and successful life. These qualities are, in my opinion, essential for a rewarding and long-term career in motorsports – and beyond. Helping others who are less fortunate or suffering in some way teaches us the value things: like money, health, family – and, yes even of material items – like oh, say a hugely expensive Outlaw Kart. It can be that tool for young people which gives them a valuable perspective on how they live their lives, treat others, make friends and develop positive relationships – just to name a few of the benefits.

So when I come across a foundation or charity that was started by or greatly influence by child, such as Racing 2 Cure – it really catches my attention. I find such inspiration in selfless acts by children who truly want to make the world a better place by helping others. I also pick these charities to use as inspiration for our KAM Drivers – to show them that they are a valuable resource to their communities and that changing the world and making a difference are possible goals to make and achieve.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the competition of youth sports to the point of becoming hyper-focused on short-sighted goals where “winning is everything” – or worse – the only thing that matters. It’s hard to form an \”every-man-for-themselves\” mentality when you have been taught that helping others has a greater value than winning at a sport does.

I think that’s why I have developed such a passion for racing, because in motorsports – sportsmanship is an honored character trait that brings with it great respect within a racing community. In racing you develop lifelong friendships and bonds that stand the test of time. The spirit of competition is infused with mutual respect for most within a racing community. [That mutual respect produces some of the best racing entertainment and excitement you will ever see on a track.]  Sadly not all racers develop this wonderful character trait, but the ones that due last longer in the sport with greater overall success.

So if you don’t have a cause or charity that your team supports, I would encourage you to make that a top priority in your race program.   Backing a cause with conviction has added benefits as well for your team such as media recognition for your efforts which will help build your fan base and can create sponsorships opportunities from like-minded people or businesses.  Racing 2 Cure has a nice online layout that showcases all the drivers that support them.  Potential Sponsors will take notice of marketing efforts like that, and it could just be the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd.  Check out our Track Page on their website here. They make it easy to get started and offer support and tools to be successful in your efforts.

You should chose a cause that has meaning to you and your family – a cause that you can stand behind and feel proud to support.

If nothing comes to mind right away, then consider starting with one that we support by partnering with KAM to help in fundraising for or bringing awareness to one of the causes that we support. Go to our Racing for a Cause page to learn more about all the charities that we support. 

Following is more about Racing 2 Cure with their mission statement and story of how they were formed that I got from their website. You can learn more about them or sign up to be a driver for them by clicking this link.



Racing 2 Cure\’s (R2C) mission is to help families that are currently fighting cancer.R2C wants to treat the \”Human Side\” of cancer.R2C donates a portion of the funds raised to cancer organizations that do amazing work in research, treatment, and raising awareness for this horrible disease. Additionally, funds are used by Racing 2 Cure to directly help families with everyday needs such as:
* Travel expenses
* Temporary housing expenses
* Utility bills
* Car payments
* Transportation/Gas
* Rent
* Insurance premiums
* Medical equipment
* After school activities for kids (with transportation)
* Day care (during treatments)
* Tutoring for students
* House cleaning / yard services


Racing 2 Cure was founded by Todd andAlycia Stewart along with their son Hunter Stewart formerly in 2010. Hunter had just begun racing off-road trophy karts around Southern California when his Mom (Alycia) was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Hunter began raising money one-lap at a time by donating his allowance for every race lap he completed. This small grassroots effort was formalized after Alycia was diagnosed a second time. During her very tough second battle with cancer, Hunter and his parents were growing in their passion for both racing as an outlet for the family to escape the hardships of cancer and also were witnessing the need for family support during cancer battles.
Over the course of four years of fundraising, Racing 2 Cure has raised over $30,000 for families fighting cancer. Racing 2 Cure will not stop providing for families and individuals dealing with cancer until there is a cure and no one is suffering. Our passion for Fighting Cancer One Lap at A Time drives the success of our campaign and the future of Racing 2 Cure.
When you decide on a cause or charity let me know and I will help you promote it.  In the meantime – if you are so inclined – you can go to our page and make a donation right online. 

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