Race Results for King of the Hill, Jan 17th

KAM Kartway has some new Royalty in the house! 

Shawn Marquez was crowned the first King of the Hill for the series in the Pure Stock Class last night.  \"Shawn

The weather was the best it\’s been in weeks and it was a good thing because there were a lot of drivers chompin’ at the bit and going through racer withdrawals. We had a great crowd for an off-season race event with 36 drivers on hand for this this make-up race.

Here are the finishing results of the class Features.

Hot Wheels

1st #24r Landyn Riley

2nd #05 Kallie Jones

3rd Richard Zimmerman

4th (DNF) #88 Andrew McCutcheon

3.5 HP

1st #00m Machenzie Marquez

2nd Noah Rowland

3rd #6 Tatum Bell

4th (DNF) #99 Kaitlyn Vann

Jr 2 Outlaw Clone

1st #3m Megan Marquez

2nd #57 Landen Zakalowski

Gold Plate

1st #55k Wes Knox

2nd #57 Mitchell Mobley

3rd #5 Louis Setmire

Pure Stock

1st #2m Shawn Marquez

2nd #43 Zoie Pierce

3rd #99 Nathan Cisco

4th #22D Dylan McCutcheon

5th #57 Landen Zakalowski

6th #6 Peyten Palnza

7th #30 Wyatt Richeson

8th #8 Westin Palanza

9th #19 (DNF) Landon Bellows


1st #1m Shane Marquez

2nd #11 Kaitlynn Dixon

3rd #21k Sean Knox

4th #43 Jacob Bourland

Outlaw 250cc

1st #19 Pierce Urbanosky

2nd #83 Jet Hays

3rd #42 William Sutton

4th #1 Sammy Davis

5th #3 Brandon Mathews

Adult Clone

1st #541 Chuck Dunlap

2nd #7 Brock Miller

Nine of the 11 Pure Stock drivers entered the King of the Hill competition which was conducted in a bracket style single elimination fashion.  All the pairings seemed to be matched up competitively very well and it came down to current Class Champion Zoie Pierce and runner up Shawn Marquez.  It appeared that Ms. Zoie was all set to win the final round as she had taken a fast lead but at the last minute, and less than a foot from the finish line, Shawn pulls it out for the victory.

A few other drivers had some good runs that had been eluding them, Wes Knox took home his first Feature in Gold Plate class and broke a 2 year losing streak while Outlaw 250 driver Sammy Davis took off in the second heat and kept about a 5 kart lead from 2nd & 3rd place contenders Jett Hays and Pierce Urbanosky, respectively – who are also the class’ current reigning top two Champions for Outlaw 250. Class Champion Pierce Urbanosky went on to win the Feature event with Jett finishing 2nd. \"KAM

Levi Pierce (future KAM Champion) had a birthday and brought cupcakes for the crowd to enjoy. Talk about chompin’ at the bit – this little man is ready to start racing soon.

Back up flagman, Kaley Engstrom – who cut her Chili Bowl trip short to make it back for the race – did a great job in place of Kevin Fry – who off doing some racing of his own at the Chili Bowl…..with his RC Car. Not sure how he did, but I will post his results in the comments as soon as I hear from him.

At intermission we had the opportunity to present the 2014 Title Sponsor, Bridgeport Road Construction owner Eddi Carpenter, with a sponsor gift and large group picture of the KAM Drivers to show our appreciation for their support. I want to thank Lee Ann Mobley for making that happen and getting a nice frame for it. Special thanks to Craig Rennie with CR Pics for the portrait.

As always, thank you all for coming out to KAM Kartway!  It was an awesome night of racing.

Photo Credits (top) Jennifer Marquez and (middle) Amy Hays



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