Race Results for 9-12-15

Race Results for 9-12-15

3.5 HP

1st Place – Noah Rowland
2nd Place – Meric Winnett
3rd Place – Jacob Ramirez
4th Place – Richard Zimmerman
5th Place – Melia Winnett
6th Place – Michael Sexton
DNS – Kaitlyn Vann
Pure Stock
1st Place – Shawn Marquez
2nd Place – Wyatt Richeson
3rd Place – Tatum Bell
4th Place – Nathan Cisco
5th Place – Lucas Ramirez
6th Place – Blayne Murphy
7th Place – Landon Bellows
8th Place – Case Penrod
Jr 2 Clone
1st Place – Payton Palanza
2nd Place – Westin Palanza
3rd Place – Jacob Ramirez
Gold Plate
1st Place – Mitchell Mobley
2nd Place – Joe Contente
1st Place – Wes Knox
2nd Place – Katelynn Dixon
3rd Place – Sean Knox
4th Place – Shawn Marquez
5th Place – Ayden Rodgers
6th Place – Jacob Bourland
7th Place – Austin Moore
 DNS – Joe Contente
Outlaw 250
1st Place – Pierce Urbanosky
2nd Place – Cody Pound
3rd Place – Katelynn Dixon
4th Place – Branden Matthews
5th Place – Jacob Bourland
6th Place – Shane Marquez
7th Place – Ben Saye
Adult Clone
1st Place – Matt Velasquez
2nd Place – Robert Ramirez
3rd Place – Bob Ramirez
4th Place – Marc Velasquez
DNS – Paul Crafton
Open Outlaw
1st Place – William Sutton
2nd Place – Tristan Carman


Points Spreadsheets as of this race >>Click Here


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