KAM Kartway Race Results 5-17-14

\"Gold[heading style=\”line-dark\” size=\”28\” margin=\”10\”]KAM Kartway Race Results for May 17th[/heading]


The Bike Races were the Featured Class at KAM Kartway on May 17th with two different age groups of kiddos taking the dirt on two wheels.  Cody Pound (Animal #21c) won his division and I\’m not sure who won the little guys class but I will update this post as soon as I find out.

Hays Bros. Moving was generous enough to donate an actual Bike for a Give-A-Way at this year\’s Bike Races and the lucky winner was Katie Stephenson (Pure Stock #18). Whoo Hoo!  Thank you Jerry and Amy!!  We really appreciate the donation.

I want to personally thank Cheneya Cruz for stepping into my shoes and scoring the races in my absence.  Here are the race results from the race:

Hot Wheels

1st Place Mackenzie Marquez, 2nd Place Jaron Beltram, 3rd Place Jacob Ramirez, 4th Place Noah Rowland, 5th Place Andrew McCutcheon, 6th Place Aidan Setmire.

3.5 HP

1st Place Landen Zakaloski, 2nd Place Megan Marquez, 3rd Place Payton Palanza, 4th Place Gregory Davison, 5th Place Tori Tyer, 6th Place Landon Bellows.

Pure Stock

1st Place Shawn Marquez, 2nd Place Cross Jones, 3rd Place Zoie Pierce, 4th Place Dylan McCutcheon, 5th Place Jeremy Walker, 6th Place Westin Palanza, 7th Place Austin Piper, 8th Place Joe Contente, 9th Place Katie Stephenson, 10th Place Wyatt Richeson, 11th Place Lous Setmire, 12th Place Jacob Bourland, 13th Place Nathan Cisco.

Gold Plate

1st Place Mitchell Mobley, 2nd Place Ayden Rogers, 3rd Place Ty Cruz, 4th Place Ryan Begando, 5th Place Katelyn Dixon, 6th Place Zoe Pierce, 7th Place Joe Contente.


1st Place Shane Marquez, 2nd Place Cody Pound, 3rd Place Mason Martin, 4th Place Tucker Perry, 5th Place Connor Montgomery, 6th Place Collin Montgomery, 7th Place Ty Rodriguez.

Outlaw 250

1st Place Pierce Urbanosky, 2nd Place Cameron Migura, 3rd Place Collin Montgomery, 4th Place Jett Hays, 5th Place William Sutton, 6th Place Sammy Davis.

Adult Clone

1st Place Mattew Velasquez (1st feature win ?), 2nd Place Jamie Benke, 3rd Place Derrike Pennington, 4th Place Marc Velasquez, 5th Place Charles Pou.

Here are some great pictures captured by Craig Rennie with CR Photos!

WOW!!!  He is amazing. Be sure to check out his website and \”Find your Photo\”.


[highlights type=\”existing\” highlight=\”yellow\”]Here\’s a YouTube Video that I found online showing the Outlaw 250 Class.  [/highlights]

[youtube url=\”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPGnW-JsXPY\”]



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