Race Results for 5/10/14 with Powder Puff


The Dirt Diva Powder Puff Class was the race to watch on May 10th at KAM Kartway.  We had a nine Dirt Divas embrace the inner speed demon and strapped in for the thrill, bragging rights and a huge bouquet of roses from Studio B Florist, a Pink tiara from Mallory Pierce and a purple trophy from KAM.  It was a close race but the one who took home the bounty was Leslie Riley driving the Clone #55 (owner Matt Velasquez).  2nd place was Jennifer Marquez proving that racing is in the family gene pool and Yalonda Rennie (Track Photographer) who piloted the Cummings Clone #9 for a podium finish and 3rd place hardware.


Custom Powder Coating\’s Hot Wheels Class
1st Place – Jaron Beltram, #13
2nd Place – Mackenzie Marquez, #00m
3rd Place – Aidan Setmire, #35
4th Place – Noah Rowland, #95
5th Place – Richard Zimmerman, #5 (DNS)


Splash Haven Pools\’ 3.5 HP Class
1st Place – Tori Tyer, #12
2nd Place – Landen Zakalowski, #57
3rd Place – Peyton Palanza, #6
5th Place – Landon Bellows, #19

The Oil Medic\’s Pure Stock Class
1st Place – Zoie Pierce, #A1
2nd Place – Jeremy Walker, #10w
3rd Place – Katie Stephenson, #18
5th Place – Kaleb Brindley, #17k
6th Place – Shawn Marquez, #2m
7th Place – Jacob Bourland, #43
8th Place – Westin Palanza, #8
9th Place – Wesley Knox, #55k
10th Place – Case Harris, #1k
11th Place – Hailey Gary, #11h
12th Place – Cross Jones, #1
13th Place – Montana Hafley, #21h
14th Place – Wyatt Richeson, #73x
15th Place – Nathan Cisco, #99
16th Place – Brittany Clar, #1*

RDAD Racing\’s Gold Plate Class
1st Place – Ayden Rogers, #13
2nd Place – Katelyn Dixon, #11
3rd Place – Ryan Begando, #09
5th Place – Sean Knox, #21k

Midwest Winter Race Series\’ Animal Class
1st Place – Tucker Perry, #22
2nd Place – Collin Montgomery, #87
3rd Place – Shane Marquez, #1m
4th Place – Cody Pound, #21c
5th Place – Ty Rodriguez, #40
6th Place – Connor Montgomery, #88

Pro Tech\’s Outlaw 250 Class
1st Place – Jett Hays, #83
2nd Place – Ben Saye, #73
3rd Place – Drew Komarek, #44
5th Place – Pierce Urbanosky, #19
DNS* – Jake Copeland, #9
DNS* – Austin Harris, #1k
**Both with motor problems


Country Time Vapor\’s Adult Clone Class
1st Place – Perry Cummings, #1
2nd Place – Jamie Benke, #99
3rd Place – Matt Velasquez, #55
5th Place – Charles Pou, #35
6th Place – Marc Velasquez, #54
7th Place – Derrike Pennington, # 19

MB Motorsports\’ Adult Animal Class
1st Place – Curtis Pierce, #A1
2nd Place – Bob Petell, #14

And last but not lease our Studio B Flower\’s Powder Puff Class Feature Finish results are:
1st Place – Leslie Riley
2nd Place – Jennifer Marquez
3rd Place – Yalonda Rennie
4th Place – Cindy Rodriguez
5th Place – Kathy Jewel
6th Place – Mallory Pierce
7th Place – Jennifer Nehring
8th Place – Alyssa Velasquez
9th Place – Hailey Cisco


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