Points Audit Reveals Errors – Game Changer Errors in the Clone Class


I did a Points Audit Yesterday and below are my findings and corrections:

After a Points Audit conducted today (9-11-15) some discrepancies were found in the allocation of points for registered drivers due to a few different errors. The following is a brief narrative of what was discovered and corrections that were made….

Bob Petell and Alan Yates never registered for the 2015 Points Series but were given points when they raced – Bob raced 3 times and Alan raced 2 times during the series.

On 5-31-15 Bob’s points were zeroed out and the drivers were moved up based on the finish order. Matt, Marc, Robert & Perry received 5 point correction while Shane received a 10 point correction because he also got the Heat Win points that were mistakenly given to Bob.

On 6-27-15 Bob won feature and 1 heat and was awarded points, after zeroing out these points and moving the other drivers up Matt, Brock, Robert, Shane & Bob R. all gained 5 points while Marc gained 10 points for also getting credit for the heat win. Also, Alan Yates, while he wasn’t given feature points he was given heat points by mistake. This was corrected, thus resulting in #55 receiving an extra 5 point gain. *Please note that this was a split class and there were two groups resulting in 4 different heat wins/points given – Shane also received heat win points while Marc was credited with 2 heat wins in total.

On 6/20/15 Perry Cummings was given 10 points too many for a DNS (Last place minus 15 pts) and this correction based on last place points position was worth 80 minus 15. 65 is now reflected for this race.

Now to back track – as this error was simply an oversight as on 5-16-15 Matt V. raced the #54 kart that belongs to Marc V. (Marc did not race this date), but points were given to Marc V. (assigned to kart number instead of name of driver) this correction was made since points stay with the driver and not the kart during a series.

And on 5/2/15 the same scenario where Marc drove the #54, however points were given to the correct driver, Marc’s points were not allocated correctly as he should have received last place points because he took the track/Green flag but caused a Red before first full lap completed and did not complete the race. The person in 6th place that was given these points, however did not register for the series and Marc was moved up and given 6th place points.


Before the corrections (above image) were made this was the Clone Points standing as of 8-29-15 – after the corrections were made (below image) Marc is now currently locked into 4th while Matt and Bob are now tied for 2nd Place in the Points Championship.


This is the first tie in the Clone Class for a Podium Championship……THIS COULD GET VERY INTERESTING! **Tell all your friends & family to come out to watch the race program if they haven\’t done so already – these guys race hard and fast and do not give an inch when it comes to position so the price of a pit pass will be well worth the entertainment value I\’m sure. Disclaimer: the Clone class is also the most Sportsmanlike with a long history of camaraderie between the racers, they give and earn a lot of respect hard racing without dirty antics.   Does it help that the top 4 in points are teams of blood relatives and that should mean they are nicer to each other on the track, for the sake of being….well, nice. 

Heck NO!  Have you seen these guys??  While Robert seems to have a comfortable lead (by 295 points), he wouldn\’t give his father an ounce of flexibility in a corner or for position if either of their lives depended on it.  (Exaggeration ..  I hope 🙂 These two guys hammer down and beat & bang in all the right places, defining competitiveness in action each week on the track, both with the same goal: to get to the checkered flag before the other one. 

Same with the Velasquez boys.  I\’m shocked that Matt wasn\’t up my butt the day after the points were posted back when the big mistake was first made.  Seriously, they eyeballed every race result and points allocation/standing report last year.  Of course I was still getting them confused with each other (it\’s a sibling problem I have, even with my own kids – ask the Knox brothers, they\’ll tell know too…), so yeah….  they did catch a few points for position for Marc going to Matt and vice versa.  But seriously, with the same color scheme and kart numbers so close (#54 & #55), it was hard to tell them apart. Then this year Robert & Bob join the party and their karts are #7 & #8…..jeez. It\’s not like the score keeper has a big \’ole wing with a gigantic number to read as they wiz buy….nope.  No wing….these are flat karts. VERY Small numbers on the side of the kart that is all but a blur as they go by, often 3 wide across the finish line. (See Rule dagumit: numbers on all four sides of the kart please!!)  And what about all the lead changes in this class.  Slide Jobs are not just for the kids in the Outlaw classes, that\’s for sure.   I love my kids, but I love my Clone class just as much.  They are so much fun to watch.  


They are all very serious about their racing and they all want to win. 

With 5 races left in the series who will you be putting your money on?


p style=\”text-align: center;\”> Sorry for my data entry blunders & identity errors.  I\’m the first one to say that I make mistakes and I will own up, fix & repair when possible.  I never said I was an accountant type….. but I did my best and caught the mistake with plenty of time before Championship Cups were ordered (in case there is a change in positions…)  That is why I always ask for help at the beginning of the season and/or for someone (or 2) to audit my points spreadsheets.  

While I love the edge-of-your-seat excitement and the thrill of competition that this new points situation is sure to bring to the Clone Show during the next several (or all 5 left) races, I am always open to have an independent auditor check and double check my findings.  Okay, really you guys can just look at my spreadsheet here and let me know if I missed any mistakes or if my calculations are still off.  {I am all about transparency and the points standing/spreadsheet is open for review at any time.} I\’ve gone ahead and added the finish order under the column for that given race/date, noted points allocation corrections and other general notes then highlighted in yellow for easy reference and comparison purposes.  This copy is hosted in a public folder in my Dropbox account so it is viewable on the internet without Excel, or you can download it to your computer to save for later or keep up with the rest of the season points if you want to. I used Excel as a \”Workbook\” so there are pages for the different classes (the individual Spreadsheets).  Hopefully it opens up to the Clone class in question, but if it doesn\’t there are tabs at the bottom of the screen/workbook for you to navigate from one class to the next, or from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. 

Let me know if you have any trouble opening or view it and I will be glad to help you.



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  1. You know I fully expected the trash talking to be full on and at least a comment made about my mistake, after all I know how much you guys love to give me a hard time or knock me off my Track Promoter’s Pedestal …. NOTHING. Made sad because I thought this was proof positive that no one reads my blogs. WELL IT DIDN’T POST. HAHA My eathernet cable got loose and lost the connection. So here is hot topic track news of yesterday that I had bet money on was having both Teams in the meetings discussing strategy and then arriving at the track with a plan of action. But when Robert had no intention of helping dad get a win, even stealing one of heat wins right from under him… LOL

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