New Rules at KAM

In accordance with new industry standards as outlined by leading Kart Insurance provider(s) and karting regulating/sanctioning bodies, the following verbiage (rules) will be put in place at KAM Kartway effective immediately:

New Rules:
1.11 CRIMINAL ACTIONS: KAM is not responsible for any injuries or actions that result from criminal activity at or in the area of a KAM sanctioned event. Driver/entrant or parent/legal guardian of minor driver is/are responsible for all actions of their crew/guests.

1.11.a: Battery: participants (driver, crew, spectator, official, etc.) shall not make any physical contact in an aggressive manner towards another participant. Physical contact between participants will require the Race Director to immediately disqualify the participants involved for all classes for the remainder of the event. Participants in the physical altercation will also be banned from track property for the duration of the event, possible suspension at future events, and if so required by local laws, be subject to arrest and prosecution.

1.11.b Verbal Assault: participants who use aggressive or threatening language towards another participant/official are subject to disqualification and ejection from the event as well as suspension for future events.


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