Kart Numbers – Rule reminder


Below is how the KAM Kartway rules read:


2.6       Kart Numbers

2.6.1    All karts must have legible number.  Flat karts must have numbers at least 6 inches in height affixed to both sides and the back of the kart.  Numbers must be in contrasting colors; outlaw karts must have at least 10” numbers on right and left side of kart and wing and inside large wing panel as well as a back number panel.

  • When the score keepers can’t read your kart number it disrupts lap counting as they try to figure out your kart number and makes it possible to unintentionally miss another kart(s) in the process.  If we can’t read your number ~ that kart will simply not be scored.
  • Numbers are required on the back of the kart so that other drivers know how/where to line up in the event of restarts.

*Hint: that really cool graphics/color scheme you are thinking about getting may look great during Hot Laps, but when the sun goes down and the lights come will the kart number blend in with the flames?  Okay, I’m really just being nice and I plead with you to carefully consider your color schemes when splurging on the custom graphics!  Your kid may have the coolest kart on the track, but could lose points if we can’t read the number.

2.6.2    All kart numbers must be registered with AND pre-approved by KAM Kartway.  Two karts with the same number will not be allowed race in the same class.

2.6.3    Numbers may not exceed 3 digits/characters long and letters should be half the size of the number when used in a combination.

2.6.4    The Head Scorer will have final determination on the legibility of the numbers on any kart.

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