KAM Announces the Skeen\’s Diesel Service Track Champions and names the Sun Shield Winner\’s Circle Rookie of the Year

KAM Kartway announces the 2013 Skeen’s Diesel Services Championship roster and unveils the KAM Rookie of the Year

Ty Rodriguez is named the KAM Rookie of the Year presented by the Sunshield Winner’s Circle.

The 2013 Skeen’s Diesel Services Season Championship Points Series wrapped up and the Championship Cups have been ordered.  Due to scheduling conflicts the awards presentation, which is traditionally held the end of October with a Halloween theme party, will not be scheduled until January. Congratulations to our new Track Champions: Tori Tyer, Austin Piper, Conner Montgomery, Shane Marquez, Sammy Davis, Drew Komarek and Perry Cummings.   In addition to announcing the Championship, KAM Kartway is proud to announce our KAM Rookie of the Year honors go to Animal Gold Plate Driver Ty Rodriguez.

While KAM Kartway has had a long standing reputation for tough competitive racing, this year seamed to add a whole new element of talent and skill.  Our Adult Clone class saw a healthy growth in kart count with the new drivers showing that they are just as serious as the veterans about their racing program.  The competiveness was intense at times, but the camaraderie between the drivers was evident.  For our youth racers it sets a great example of sportsmanship when they see the same top 3 to 5 Clones battle it out on the track and then handshakes all around in the Winner’s Circle.

The Hot Wheels class almost doubled in size from last year with about 90% of the field being Rookie Drivers.  Following our Driver Development progression, 14 drivers moved up to the Pure Stock Class growing the field to 30 Registered Drivers.   The drivers in this class put on some of the best racing at KAM this year and the progression of skill combined with sheer determination accelerated the competitiveness to another level.  Due to the number of race entries each week calling for a B-Main to qualify half the field for an A-Main Feature, these young drivers got a taste of how the “Big Boys” do it adding to the fan favorite popularity and nail-biting element races.   More impressive is the fact that over half of the top 10 Season Points Champion drivers in this class were first time Pure Stockers.

In addition to producing our Rookie of the Year, our Animal Gold Plate Class Champion is a second generation KAM Kartway Driver.   Shane Marquez is the son of a former adult class driver from a few years back, but the family plan doesn’t stop with him as baby sister, Megan showed off some amazing driving talent as well and took 2nd place honors in the Hot Wheels class.

The title in the Animal class goes to a former KAM Rookie of the Year, Sammie Davis who by the middle of the season was pulling double duty as he raced in two different classes.  Davis joined a number of veteran drivers in the ever growing Outlaw 250 class.  This class is an advanced class that requires professional level driving skills.  It has exploded in popularity and visibility with drivers like Kyle Larson making the transition from Outlaw Dirt Karts to NASCAR .

The leaders in the Outlaw class consistently demonstrate that their level of talent is worthy of similar transitions with a fiercely competitive battle for the checker flag at each event.  Those skills developed with years of experience and dedication for class leaders Ben Saye, Drew Komarek, Jett Hays and Pierce Urbanosky who all started in beginner classes at KAM and have numerous Wins, Awards and Championships between the four.  In fact the leaders were so close that it actually came down to a tie in the end.  Using the total number of feature wins as the tie breaker, Komarek was declared the Class Champion.

Here are the Championship results from the Skeen\’s Diesel Service 2013 Points Championship Series

 Hot Wheels ~ Class Champion ~ Tori Tyer

  • 2nd Place Megan Marquez
    3rd Place Payton Palanza
    4th Place Case Harris
    5th Place Tori Bennett

 3.5 HP ~ Class Champion ~ Austin Piper

  • 2nd Place – Jacob Skeen
  • 3rd Place – Haley Gary
  • 4th Place – Landen Zakalowski
  • 5th Place – Westin Palanza


Pure Stock ~ Class Champion ~ Connor Montgomery

  • 2nd Place – Zoie Pierce
  • 3rd Place – Mitchell Mobley
  • 4th Place – Ty Cruze
  • 5th Place – Ayden Rogers
  • 6th Place – Sean Knox
  • 7th Place – Jeremy Walker
  • 8th Place – Wes Knox
  • 9th Place – Joe Contente
  • 10th Place – Travis Miller
  • 11th Place – Michael Buck

Animal Gold Plate ~ Class Champion ~ Shane Marquez

  • 2nd Place – Ty Rodriquez
  • 3rd Place – Austin Harris
  • 4th Place – Collin Montgomery
  • 5th Place – Ryan Begando  CORRECTION

Animal ~ Class Champion ~ Sammy Davis

  • 2nd Place – JC Haddock
  • 3rd Place – Collin Montgomery
  • 4th Place – Tucker Perry
  • 5th Place – Cody Pound

Outlaw 250 ~ Class Champion ~ Drew Komarek

  • 2nd Place – Pierce Urbanosky
  • 3rd Place – Ben Saye
  • 4th Place – Sarah Walls
  • 5th Place – Jett Hays

Adult Clone ~ Class Champion ~ Perry Cummings

  • 2nd Place – Jamie Benke
  • 3rd Place – Charles Pou
  • 4th Place – Bob Petell
  • 5th Place – Jason Tyer

For  a full list of drivers from the entire year and/or individual race results go to Speednet Direct >Click Here

Speaking of Speednet Direct…..I want to give a special shout out to Pit Mom Extraordinaire Cheneya Cruze for stepping up and volunteering her time, skills and patience and taking over the Race Results/Points posting & reporting for me (KAM).  This year has been extremely hectic and with the addition of responsibilities and tasks, Cheneya saw my struggles and asked if she could help.  Our computer had crashed and the all driver registration information/set up, track and points set up, etc. was lost!  Cheneya literately re-built the database for me and took over reporting results back in April. {This also literately saved someone\’s life!!} With that said….look for information coming soon about the Volunteer/Committees that we will be setting up going forward.   To accomplish the goals and vision of KAM Kartway and to provide an exceptional race program {outside of having the best surface prepped race track you can find – THANKS MIKE!}, Cheneya showed me that it can\’t be done without parent involvement and volunteers.                           **But we\’ll talk more about this in a few days….**



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