FAQ: What is Outlaw Karting?

FAQ: What is Outlaw Karting?

Answer: Outlaw Karting is a term, or Hot Button phrase, used for dirt oval go kart racing.  An Outlaw Kart (A.K.A. Sprint Kart, Sprint Dirt Kart, Sprint Go-Kart, Outlaw Sprint Kart, Winged Spring Kart, Caged Winged Sprint Kart, etc.. etc..) is a dirt kart with a full body cage and wing designed for oval racing. 

According to one source on the internet: \”Outlaw Karting began in the early 1980’s as a caged kart with a wing on top\”.

High back racing seats are the standard, even for the smallest drivers, and five point seat belts are installed on each kart. Sprint car type side headrests or head nets are common on many karts and all drivers must use a neck collar and arm restraints. Wings were added to the cages right from the start as an additional safety measure and to protect the cage area in the event of a flip. Wings feature the same curved belly design as used in sprint car racing and are available in different sizes, based on the class.  ~QRC

The Outlaw Kart we recommend (and have used for 10 years!) is the QRC Kart.  You can find out more information about QRC Karts at KAM Motorsports or by calling Mike at 817-938-7692.

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