FAQ: How much does it cost to get started?

FAQ: How much does it cost to get started?

Answer: Check out this post \”Beginner’s Guide: The Initial Investment for Outlaw Dirt Kart Racing\” for a detailed answer to this question with a sample start-up budget! 

When you are ready to purchase your first kart, please let KAM Motorsports help you!  Contact Mike at 1-844-4OUTLAW or email him at mike@kammotorsports.com for a quote.  You can also get more information at our kart shop website at www.kammotorsports.com

Please support your local kart shop.  Without KAM Motorsports (aka KAM Karting Supply), KAM Kartway would not be possible.

UPDATE: WE NOW OFFER FINANCING!!!  Call Mike for Details – 817-938-7692.

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