FAQ: How do I get started in kart racing?

FAQ: How do I get started in kart racing?

Answer: The very first thing to do is to go to your local kart track(s) and watch some racing & get a feel for it up close and personal.  But don\’t just sit in the general spectator\’s area! Buy a pit pass and walk the pits, talk to the drivers, pit crews (make sure they are not too busy fist!), and the other spectators and race fans that are there.   You will find that most people will be happy to share their karting story with you and show you around their pit (which is sacred to most so ask first!).

First things first, you will need to decide on which form of karting you want to get started in…there are several (ie: Sprint karting, Speedway karting {that\’s us!} and Enduro karting). Even though the local karting options may be limited in your area, it\’s still good to know the history behind karting in general to make an informed final decision.  Research Tip = Click here for a description and break-down of each of these forms of kart racing from WKA (World Karting Association).

Here are some more \”Best Advice Tips\” to consider:

  • #1 – Do your Research and Due Diligence.  Become familiar with the types of karting that your area has to offer (see above advice).  Here in the DFW area you have us = the  dirt oval speedway track, and North Texas Karters (NTK) =a Sprint karting track located in Denton, TX [this is where the Engstroms got their racing start back in \’92!]. Research Tip = Click here for more karting links and other resources that you might find useful in your research.  I also found this page useful on the National Karting News website about getting started in karting >> Click here.
  • #2  – Determine your Budget. What can you afford to spend to get started (the Initial Start-up Budget) and what can you and/or your family afford to spend on a recurring annual basis? Here is a Beginner\’s Guide to Safety Equipment blog post I recently wrote to show you what some of the MUST-HAVE\’s in Safety Gear are and what to look for. You might also find this post called the \’Beginners Guide to the Initial Investment\’ useful too. Research Tip = there is also a Sample Budget on that post that you can use as a starting point.
  • #3  – When you are ready to make your initial purchase (ie: kart, safety equipment, parts, etc.) please give Mike at KAM Motorsports a call! Call him toll-free at 1-844-4OUTLAW or on his cell phone at 817-938-7692 to get your quote started today.  If you are not able to purchase a new chassis, that\’s okay – we will help you find a good used one!


Remember that \”Supporting Your Local Kart Shop\” is very important to your local racing venue & karting community, no matter where you are located. BUT if you are in the North Texas area/market, we would be very grateful if you used our family owned kart shop: KAM Motorsports (aka KAM Karting Supply).  [shameless plug continues…] We have over 20 years in the karting industry with the most experience in Outlaw Dirt Kart Racing in this area to better serve your needs.  We offer \”track\” service after-the-sale at KAM Kartway as well as Track-Side support at most of the area big Indoor Events & Money Races.


p style=\”text-align: center;\”>Without KAM Motorsports – KAM Kartway would not be possible.   

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