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The Goal at KAM is to have the best race program for our drivers while helping the sport grow

Our initial vision of KAM Kartway was built on “growing karting as a family sport”.  With the evolution of grassroots racing, changing technology, the opportunities for karting as the first rung of the motorsports career path and overall competition and recognition of the sport; the results have lead to the increased popularity of karting and the dynamics of the sport as a whole.

It has become more than just “a family sport” in many cases including, but not limited to: Validation of Karting as a stand-alone sport in the Motorsports Industry, emphasis on Driver Development, more focus on technical & safety issues, the popularity of Social Media,  PR, & Marketing Partnerships and its impact on drivers, race teams and tracks.  These issues along with the psychology of youth sports in general have been key to the development and growth of KAM Kartway’s race program and we have made every effort to keep up and conform to the industry standards while keeping our initial vision of promoting karting as a fun family activity, treating all participants fairly, promoting safety at all times and demonstrating good sportsmanship.

We feel that the reputation of KAM Kartway (track & race program) and KAM drivers (past & present) speaks for itself.  KAM Drivers are seen as “the drivers to beat” at national competitions and other karting shows and for the past several years they have “dominated” many of these events.


This is the result of many years of hard work, dedication and focus from not only Mike and Kelley but the many volunteers, supporters and sponsors who have given their time and resources to KAM along the way.  Going forward we feel it is not only time, but imperative that we develop a ‘board of directors’ type hierarchy to insure the continued success of KAM Kartway Drivers.  

KAM Committee Suggestions:

Tech Committee (includes Forum Admin for topic)

Competition Committee (includes Forum Admin for topic)

PR & Marketing To include: website posts, media contacts, forum posts as well as:

  •  Social Media content (ie: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)
  • Sponsor Relations (Soliciting, contract negotiations, track signs, compliance, etc)
  • Graphics, Flyer & Event designs
  • Video Production (ie: races, Driver interviews, etc for website & Youtube)

Points (includes Forum Admin for topic) Speednetdirect Points Software

Awards & Special Events (includes Forum Admin for topic)

  • Awards Budget (trophies, stickers, party, etc)
  • 50/50 fund & other fundraisers
    • Awards presentation after each race
    • Championship & Special awards
    • Season Awards Banquet & Parties
    • Race themes, give-a-ways and other activities

ADDED CONTENT: I would also like to have a \”Director of Youth Ministry\” to oversee our Faith Based initiative, the \”Faster Pastor Race\”, Driver Testimonials, as well as Educational Opportunities as they arise.   We would like to conduct an informal Information Meeting on December 28th for those of you who are interested.  This is a race date so the meeting can be either before or after the races.  PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED BY SENDING US THE FORM BELOW.  I will be in contact with you to confirm.

If  anything above sparked your interest, please fill out the form below and let\’s talk!!  This is YOUR track ~ Get involved!

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