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On line Code Of Conduct

Sportsmanlike Conduct is expected from every participant that enters our facility.  The spirit and intent of sportsmanlike racing competition is to proceed on the track without touching or endangering your fellow drivers, on-track race officials, spectators and/or the race vehicle itself. Inadvertent contact is a reality of racing; however, if in the judgment of the race officials, a participant is bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking, pushing, or driving in an over aggressive – negligent – reckless manner, that participant shall be subject to immediate disqualification from the event and possible suspension from the track.

Minors may not sign themselves in. [The Waiver and Indemnity Form is a legal document and not valid if signed by a minor.]  If the minor has a Minor Release on file then any adult who is in charge of supervising said minor may sign them in.  Children may NOT sign in for their parents and will not be registered for race event unless an adult is with them at sign-in.

General Actions: Drivers, crews and their invited spectators will, at all times, be responsible for their own actions, however any offense committed by members of that race team/Pit Area will be chargeable to the driver.  The driver is always ultimately responsible for his or her Team, Crew, Spectators and/or invited visitors as it pertains to penalty infractions.  A monetary damage/penalty caused by and/or charged against a driver who is a minor is ultimately the responsibility of the Parent and/or Legal Guardian.

Fuel Compliance: Non-compliant fuel found before or after hot laps, before or after heat races or before the feature race places the competitor on the rear of the next race line-up. Non-compliant fuel found at the end of the final race is an automatic disqualification. If the non-compliance is determined to be by the addition of Dioxane or any similar life/health threatening compound competitor may be banned from the track. Participants may be granted a courtesy fuel test prior to the event, time permitting.

Definition of terms used:

  • Careless: Departing from the standard of a reasonably prudent, competent driver and/or reasonable person conduct.
  • Reckless: Performing an act or omission which creates an obvious and serious risk to others without due consideration of the consequences.
  • Dangerous: Performing an act or omission that carries an obvious and serious risk to others and with deliberate disregard for the consequences.
  •  Dive Bombing a Turn: Diving into a turn at the last moment into the path of a competitor already in the process of making the turn and forcing that driver to change direction to avoid contact is not allowed. If the dive bombing driver makes contact with the competitor already in the process of making the turn then loss of finish position is a minimum penalty, with disqualification with a severe collision.
  • Brake Checking: Any driver with intent to disrupt a competitor or prevent being passed is illegal. Immediate disqualification will be enforced.




Good sportsmanship is so important to KAM Kartway that we even have an award for it!  Sportsman of the Year.

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